GOP Sen. Toomey Says Trump Can’t Be The GOP Nominee In 2024 Because He Cost Republicans Senate And White House

Retiring Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) spoke out on Friday to say that former President Donald Trump should not be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

It should be noted that Toomey was one of the Republican senators who voted to impeach Trump in his second impeachment trial last month.

Neil Cavuto Questions Toomey

Toomey made his latest comments on this while appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

“I know you’re leaving the Senate,” host Neil Cavuto said. “You got into a storm of controversy with your own state GOP because you voted to convict the president in the impeachment trial in the Senate.”

“Do you look back at that and have any regrets and the wrath you have received for that vote and the criticism of the president and others?” he asked. 

Toomey Responds

“I did what I thought was right,” Toomey replied.

“Over time what Republicans will do is we’ll acknowledge and recognize, as most already do, that there were some tremendous accomplishments by the Trump administration during those four years, but in my view, the behavior of the president after the election, culminating on January 6, was completely unacceptable,” he added. “And I think I did the right thing.”

“Do you believe he should run and deserves to run for president if he wants to? Would you support him if he were your nomination?” Cavuto questioned.

“I don’t think he can be the nominee,” Toomey responded. “Look what happened. He won the election in 2016, and then we lost the House.”

“And then he cost us the White House, which was a very winnable race,” he added. “And then he cost us control of the Senate by what he did in Georgia. I think with that kind of track record. It’s not likely that he’ll be the nominee.”

“If he were, would you support him?” Cavuto asked, to which Toomey replied, “I don’t see that happening.”

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Jim Jordan Endorses Trump

This comes days after Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) officially endorsed Trump, should he run again in 2024.

“[H]e’s the leader of the conservative movement,” Jordan said of Trump. “He’s the leader of the America first movement, and he is the leader of the Republican Party.”

“And I hope, and you know, I hope — like I said yesterday, I hope on January 20, 2025 he’s, once again, will be the leader of our country,” he added. “I hope he runs, but he’s definitely the leader of our party.”

“We need to stay together, and the vast, vast, vast majority of our party supports President Trump as our leader,” Jordan said.

Full Story: Jim Jordan Defies Left To Say ‘I Hope On January 20, 2025’ Trump Is The President Again

This piece was written by James Samson on March 6, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • And don’t you think current Congressional republicans realize we have figured them out. Why? Because already, five more republicans are resigning or not running for another term for 2022. They expect to actually quietly turn the Senate over to the Socialist Democrats. The question to ask is, Why? What is going to be beneficial to America to let Communists and Socialists take control of our country? Have they allowed this country to fall so deep into debt that they are compelled to resign before the publicity correctly convicts them of everything they falsely accused Trump of doing?

  • Sir, I have been catching up on reading so much & then thinking *****.
    Then I scrolled down to your post & you said what I was thinking, probably far better than I could have done!!

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  • Voter fraud cost America the Senate and RINOs, like Toomey, assisted demonRATs in committing it.

  • that is a load of hooey, Mitch McConnel cost the senate and the house by refusing to give the stimulus checks president trump was pushing for. biden strolled into georgia promising $2000 in every pocket, kind of a rip off from Roosevelt promising a chicken in every pot after the great depression, but Roosevelt actually did everything he could to make american citizens prosper where as biden has just figured out how to steal money from the tax payers and fund liberal pork belly projects or or handed it out to foreign nations not even part of the united states. Mitch cost the election in georgia and mitch lost the senate and the house no one else.

  • Actually, the GOP gained in the House, and only lost in the Senate due to some very shady voting practices, and campaign promises made by the Democrats.

  • The only ones that cost the republicans the seats were the republicans themselves.they showed they are nothing but traitors to the party.you all went against DT because you all have committed some sort of illegal acts and the real bad part is you let the Dems and libs know about it.so they have your nuts in a vise and now you want to blame DT for your cowardly selves.grow a set and accept your punishment then you will be out of the Dems and libs control

  • Complaining Senator Toomey??  It would behoove you to remember Shakespeares own words.

    “This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day.Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

  • Sorry, Senator Toomey. The Capitol senators and House republicans in Trumps first two years failed to act expeditiously, like the democrats are doing today, to secure what Trump tried to get done while the republicans held the majority in both chambers. The conservative American voters have NOT forgotten what Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell did to let the democrats then take control of the House when it was forty republican lawmakers who decided to resign or not run for another term. First the republican majority didn’t do the people’s work with and for the People’s presidential choice, then they decided to give the majority to the democrats in 2018. They walked away from the country and the people when they knew what they were doing to give the democrats the ability to impeach Donald Trump from the House using a kangaroo court investigation and trial in each case. So, Senator Toomey, why didn’t you do the American people’s work when you had the opportunity and execute Trumps vision for America with as much urgency as the democrats have today in burying America in the first six weeks of Biden’s presidency??? You played along with Paul Ryan’s plan to walk away from America. So shut up, and sit down, then get off your chair and let a real conservative run for that seat.

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