GOP Sen. Kennedy Claims Biden Has ‘Ph.D’ In Lying – ‘Not Telling The Truth’ On Defunding The Police

Kennedy Biden

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) went on Fox News to accuse President Joe Biden of being dishonest, going so far as to say that the Democrat has a “Ph.D” in lying.

Kennedy specifically accused Biden of “not telling the truth” when he said that Republicans are lying about the Democrats wanting to defund the police.

Kennedy Blasts Biden 

“In my opinion, Sandra, President Biden is not telling the truth,” Kennedy told host Sandra Smith. “Maybe George Washington could not tell a lie, but just about every politician since has mastered the skill. And I don’t mean to be ugly, but President Biden has a Ph.D. in it. Now, some politicians lie because it’s useful, other politicians lie because they forget.”

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Smith responded by asking Kennedy what Biden is lying about.

“About cutting police spending, number one,” Kennedy replied. “If you look at the Democratic Party platform, which he wrote, it talks extensively about reimagining the police.”

“Among President Biden’s most ardent supporters are the Democratic mayors of most large cities — New York, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, Portland — they’ve all cut police spending,” he added. “They’ve all talked about doing it. President Biden has appeared with them many times and said what a great job they’re doing. He certainly hasn’t discouraged them.”

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Biden’s Comments On ‘Defund The Police’

During a CNN Town Hall on Wednesday night, Biden claims that the Democratic Party is not “anti-police” and that Republicans are lying when they say it is, according to The Daily Caller.

“They’re lying,” Biden said of Republicans. “Look, we have to change police conduct, we have to have rules, where things are open, we have to have rules where you can be able to determine what the background, how many times a cop has violated the rules, be able to have access to what’s going on in police departments so the Justice Department can get involved in whether or not they have to change their pattern or practices. I’ve always said that.”

“I’ve never said defund the police,” he added. “I don’t know any communities, particularly communities that are in the most need, and the poorest, and the most at-risk that don’t want police. They want police, though, to look at them as equals.”

This piece was written by James Samson on July 22, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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