GOP Front-Runner Donald Trump Shut Down Jeb Bush With Just One Sentence


GOP front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday evening during the 2nd GOP Presidential debate said former President George W. Bush was to blame for the election of Barack Obama, during a heated exchange with the ex-president’s brother, Jeb Bush.

The comments came amid an extended debate with the former Florida governor over the merits of the war in Iraq. Bush has been in the hot seat before over his brother’s policies, by refusing to say that the invasion was a mistake. He again defended the decision to send troops into Iraq on Wednesday. Trump is completely correct – Obama would not have been president if it wasn’t for the overreach of Bush and the neocons. And now look where it is has gotten us….

“One thing about my brother, he kept us safe,” Bush claimed. “I don’t know if you remember.”

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Watch the exchange between Bush and Trump here:

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