GOP Chairwoman: If Republicans Win Control of Congress They’ll Work With Biden

Ronna McDaniel, Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and niece of Senator Mitt Romney, declared that Republicans will reach across the aisle and work with President Biden should they win control of Congress following the midterms.

Her comments came during an interview with Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union” over the weekend.

McDaniel initially called for a new era of bipartisanship which would focus on the President having to accept the election results as a mandate to work with Republicans.

“If we win back the House and the Senate, it’s the American people saying to Joe Biden, ‘We want you to work on behalf of us and we want you to work across the aisle and solve the problems that we are dealing with,'” she said.

McDaniel pointed to Bill Clinton who famously turned his fortunes around after a Republican election sweep in 1994 by embracing fiscal responsibility and moving further to the center in governing.

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Ronna McDaniel: GOP Will Work With Biden

Bash pointed out that bipartisanship cuts in both directions and would require Republicans to be open to working with Biden as well.

“Would Republicans be willing to do the same and not just be a roadblock for him?” she asked.

“We have to,” McDaniel replied. “We have to work on behalf of the American people.”

Going back to McDaniel’s claim that a red wave is an indication that Biden must work with Republicans, simply saying that the reverse is also true is a fundamental misunderstanding of the mandate American voters will be giving the GOP.

They want you to be that roadblock.

Voters aren’t turning to Republican candidates in droves because they want them to work with President Biden. If that were the case they’d just vote for Democrats.

The mandate is to shut him down. To keep him and his party and his ideology from destroying the country any more than he already has.

What would you have them compromise on? Open borders? Illegal immigrants voting in our elections? Abortion without limitations? Economic ruin? Biological males competing in women’s sports? Drag queen story hours for kids? Decimated retirement savings plans?

Which of those do you want to reach across the aisle on, Ms. McDaniel?

Because Election Day is likely to show voters don’t want to compromise on any of it. President Biden is already the worst president in the history of this country. There is no compromise with this man and his radical party.

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Consistently Surrendering Before the Election

To paraphrase Groundskeeper Willie of “The Simpsons,” the American people aren’t interested in a party full of ‘surrender monkeys,’ cheese-eating or otherwise.

It’s the Republicans’ job post-election to stop the bleeding. And that means stopping President Biden, not helping him.

“I don’t live in Washington, D.C. I live in Michigan. I talk to people every day,” McDaniel continued after suggesting the GOP would work with Biden.

“I talk to restaurant owners who are desperate to find labor. I talk to families who are dealing, including mine, with these education deficits with our kids being locked down,” she continued.

If she did it’s very likely they would have never said, ‘We want you to work with Biden.’

In fact, it’d be a safe bet that many more uttered the same words brought to you by Rashida Tlaib than anything else.

Ronna McDaniel’s comments aren’t the first example of pre-surrendering to President Biden before the elections have been held.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, quite likely the next Speaker of the House, has already indicated that should the GOP win back congressional control in the 2022 midterms, they will not impeach Biden.

“I think the country doesn’t like impeachment used for political purposes at all,” said McCarthy. “If anyone ever rises to that occasion, you have to, but I think the country wants to heal and … start to see the system that actually works.”

Heal? Work across the aisle?

President Biden had ample opportunity to take that path during his first two years in office. Instead, he has done nothing but demonize Republican voters as MAGA extremists, cast out concerned parents as domestic terrorists, and suggested everyday Americans are white supremacists.

He has politicized the FBI and DOJ to harass and pursue political opponents at every turn. He is the actual danger to democracy.

No, it’s not time to work across the aisle. Or to placate this President in order to heal the country. It’s time to put that worn-out donkey and his party out to pasture. To save the country.

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Did we hear that right? that Kevin McCarthy has ALREADY indicated HE WILL NOT go after impeaching Biden!!! Please write your House members and TELL THEM TO NOT VOTE IN McCarthy as the new Speaker!!! We don't need another 'paul ryan or boehner' when we take the House BACK. We NEED a Real LEADER in the House!!! Too much is at stake to give the reins to someone who won't do anything - AGAIN! TELL THEM! We had better get this one RIGHT this time!

  • Could not agree more. There IS no "working with" Biden. His sole agenda is $$ for himself and his family/friends, AND to undo ANYTHING that Donald Trump did in the previous administration, no matter how helpful. Remain in Mexico? Undone on the VERY FIRST DAY! Gas? Keystone XL pipeline stopped that very same day! ALL OF US knew what that would do to immigration and fuel prices and they DID.
    He tries to gaslight, but it ain't working for most of us.
    Pray that the elections today go well!

    We want OUR LIVES TO MATTER...not the America Last policies of these cretins!
    But hey, what do I know?

  • To the rhinos that want to placate the dems We The People say He77 No! They caused this disaster and they need to be shut down. There is no reason we cannot defend our Country and our Constitution! In fact the Constitution makes it clear that the government is to keep our borders safe and secure & if the federal government won't, then it is up to the states. Any action not enumerated specifically in the Constitution as a responsibility of the federal government is actually a responsibility of the states until such time as We The People vote to loan that power/responsibility to the feds. If it has not been authorized by We The People by vote, then the federal government ie. the 3 branches cannot use that power/Authority.
    People we all need to study the original intent of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, otherwise how will we know our rights, responsibilities or obligations to defend our Country and Constitution against foreign and domestic traitors.

    • Wow! Well said! Can I just help you with something there...? I was very impressed with your post, but do you not know that the term 'rhino' is really an acronym for the words, 'Republican In Name Only', and the letters are RINO??? while 'rhino' is just the name of a large animal in Africa and Asia maybe. Fake Repubs are NOT 'rhinos', they are RINOs. I'm not trying to offend you. Just thot you'd WANT to know if you didn't. But if you are saying that foolhardy Repubs who act like Dems are 'piggish-bully brute beasts of burden and aggression, capable of some of the most dangerous attacks known to man', just like the Rhinoceros is, then that definition would apply also. Take your pick.

  • The democrats have to blink first. Why is she blinking when we have no real hope of the democrats giving in on their crazy agendas. And how will Ronna work with a slew of new EO's coming without her input?

  • What is this garbage. Is the Romney family interwoven like the Cheney maggots. On the verge of getting rid of some of them and more pop up?? No wonder Trump had to fight so much. Cut the head off of one snake on Medusa's head and up comes another. We dont want to deal with the democrats at all!!! We want whats going on stopped.....no deals!!! Then sit back and in 2024 when Trump is back drop the hammer on every last one of these vermin. What part of "American Patriots are fed up" do you representatives not understand???

  • Do NOT work with that President. He sure didn't work to help the people in the U. S. He wanted to destroy this country. IMPEACH him.....

    • Worse than that. He spent his very first day in office undoing a lot of Trump's good policies, such as the "Remain in Mexico" program that had illegals being turned back at the Mexican southern border! Keystone XL obliterated on his first day, w/them swearing that it would have no effect on gas prices. And the jacka$$ is STILL running around touting that he is going to shut down coal!
      I have never seen such disgrace for a POTUS in my lifetime and I am 67.

  • We want him stopped, impeached and the rest of the dem cartel brought to justice! The repubs surrender to the dem cartel yet again then voting is no longer a solution. it's what they are notorious for doing, we given them power and vote lock step with the dem cartel, in other words they are just dem cartel members.

  • Well, she's related to Romney who has done nothing for the party and the people. He has worked against Trump every second Romney's had. And, now his relative is doing as Romney is doing. She's an anti-Trump and an establishment republican who vote with democrats just like Romney and McCain who made sure he got even with Trump for becoming president when McCain didn't. McCain voted done Trump's healthcare plan, remember, a major win for the democrats. How did this woman get in as head of the party. Which party is she the real head of. We don't need Romney and his democrat family members working for us. We need fighters to STOP the democrats. They are deliberately destroying the country to gain total govt control over us, a typical trick of communists. Have communists ever got to take over a strong country, no, they take over when countries are in a poverty economy. Get this chick out of her position and get someone in who will STOP the democrat commies.

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