GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Pre-Surrenders, Saying GOP Won’t Impeach Biden

Kevin McCarthy doesn't seem as enthralled with the prospect of impeaching President Biden quite as much as Republican voters might be.
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Kevin McCarthy doesn’t seem as enthralled with the prospect of impeaching President Biden quite as much as Republican voters might be.

The House Minority Leader, in an interview with Punchbowl News, was already admitting that should the GOP win back congressional control in the 2022 midterms, they will not impeach President Biden.

“I think the country doesn’t like impeachment used for political purposes at all,” said McCarthy. “If anyone ever rises to that occasion, you have to, but I think the country wants to heal and … start to see the system that actually works.”

Later, when asked if anyone in the current administration has risen to the level of impeachment, the California Republican responded, “I don’t see it before me right now.”

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Kevin Flakin’: We’re Better Than the Democrats

Kevin McCarthy went on to hint that he plans to hold a Republican majority to a higher standard than that displayed by Democrats during the Trump era.

And they absolutely deserve no such favor.

“You watch what the Democrats did – they all came out and said they would impeach before Trump was ever sworn in,” he said. “There wasn’t a purpose for it.”

Somebody with an actual spine would conclude that this means it’s time to play by the rules already put forth. But then, McCarthy doesn’t come off as such.

This perpetual cycle of ‘we’re above that kind of thing’ while watching Democrats treat Republican president after Republican president as the next coming of Hitler needs to end.

Does he truly think that if Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis wins the presidency in 2024 that Democrats won’t pursue impeachment to the ends of the Earth, with little to no ‘purpose’?

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Afraid of the ‘I’ Word

MAGA Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), in an interview in recent weeks, claimed there are Republican lawmakers already voicing opposition to impeaching President Biden.

“There are current members of the Republican majority, people who will be in the next Congress, who are arguing very, very fervently that they will oppose the use of the ‘I’ word, impeachment, in any context for any official in the Biden administration,” Gaetz reported.

“And I believe that would totally misunderstand the mandate that the American people are giving us.”

A Rasmussen Reports survey last month indicates that 52% of American voters overall support the impeachment of Joe Biden.

That includes an overwhelming number of Republican voters and even half of Independents. Meaning the only group who opposes impeachment are the Democrats.

Democrats and elected Republicans, it seems.

Does McCarthy believe he works for them?

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Even then, Rasmussen Reports indicates a third of Democrat voters believe President Biden should be impeached.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), unlike McCarthy, understands that the Democrats are the ones who opened Pandora’s Box when it comes to the ‘I’ word.

“Whether it’s justified or not, the Democrats weaponized impeachment. They used it for partisan purposes to go after Trump because they disagreed with him,” Cruz said.

That’s the bar now, Chief.

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