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Woman Explains How Socialism Ruined Her Country

For whatever reason, most of Latin America has flirted with socialism at some point.

Among those countries is Guatemala – a nation you don’t hear much about in the news as being ravaged by socialism (like you do about other Latin American countries like Venezuela, for example).

Gloria Alvarez is a libertarian from Guatemala – a political affiliation that certainly makes her a minority. She’s made numerous public appearances on American television, at CPAC, and countless other conservative events.

Her message, particularly to those who’ve immigrated to America, is simple: Don’t vote for what you fled.

Allow her to explain how socialism ruined her country below:

“You came to the United States to participate in what Americans call the ‘American Dream’…. that through individual freedom plus personal responsibility and hard work, you can accomplish your life’s goals.”

To achieve those things, immigrants must shun socialism.

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