Giuliani Ready To Testify at Trump Trial About ‘Vast’ Corruption Of Democrats

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, said Tuesday that he is prepared to testify at the president’s impeachment trial about “American Ukrainian corruption.”

‘I’d love to try the case’

Fox News reported that Giuliani told reporters at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago retreat in Florida, “I would testify, I would do demonstrations, I’d give lectures, I’d give summations or I do what I do best. I try the case.”

 “I’d love to try the case,” he added.

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Though the House passed two Articles of Impeachment against Trump last month, a lawyer who provided testimony for Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee has insisted that the president has not been impeached until the Senate officially receives the verdict.

To date, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not passed the House impeachment along to the Senate.

‘Vast’ Corruption

The Democrats’ entire impeachment effort centered on a telephone call on July 25 in 2019 between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Democrats believe that Trump used U.S. military aid to Ukraine as leverage to get that country to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump has repeatedly denied these claims.

Giuliani has reportedly delved into U.S.-Ukraine affairs thoroughly and recently returned with a mass of documents that he alleges is further evidence of “vast” corruption in Ukraine that is damning for top Democrats.

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‘It’s the reason why the Democratic Party is in panic’

“What I learned is that the corruption in Ukraine is vast. It’s extensive. It highly involves the Democratic Party, not just in 2016, but for many years,” Giuliani said, in what he described as “American Ukrainian corruption.”

The former New York City mayor said his investigation continues as he interviews witnesses and that he just needs the “right forum” to reveal his findings.

“It will turn out to be a series of criminal acts that will involve the highest levels of the Obama administration,” Giuliani said.

“And it’s the reason why the Democratic Party is in panic,” he added.

We have heard much from Democrats about the Trump administration’s alleged corruption regarding Ukraine. We have heard constantly from them about the supposed nefarious dealings of this President since the first day he stepped foot in office.

But will Democrats be just as interested to pursue the “truth” when Rudy Giuliani reveals his findings?

Stay tuned.

John Hanson

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