Giuliani About Harris: ‘If You’re in Favor of Open Borders, You Must Be in Favor of Open Doors at Your House’

By Maureen Mackey | July 9, 2019

During an interview on Monday night on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that President Donald Trump — in terms of any leading Democrat candidates for 2020 — is “not shaking [in his boots] at all about Kamala Harris or any of them.”

“The president realizes there’s going to be a candidate … But I think he’s pretty comfortable,” he added, noting that the Democratic candidates have “all gone so far to the Left” these days.

“Kamala Harris is in favor of open borders,” he also said. “I know what kind of prosecutor she is if she is in favor of open borders. If you are in favor of open borders, you must be in favor of open doors in your house. Let everybody in. Let’s not find out who they are or [have them] identify themselves.”

He noted she’s also “in favor of late-term abortion. Late-term — meaning the day before the baby is born. We can go on and on … She does a little better [of a] job than some of them, like [Sen. Elizabeth] Warren and [Sen.] Bernie [Sanders], of disguising herself as not as quite left-wing. But when you examine her positions, she’s very, very left-wing. I think she is the flavor of the month because Joe [Biden] couldn’t defend himself [during the debate]. It was kind of pathetic. I mean, she eviscerated him and I thought it wasn’t with very much.”

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When host Laura Ingraham pointed out that in recent statements, former first lady Michelle Obama pointedly did not share any support at all for the former vice president, who of course served for eight years under then-President Barack Obama, Giuliani noted, “At bare minimum, Biden is entitled to, ‘He’s not a racist.’ And also … Look, I have a lot of issues with Biden, including what appears to be a lot of corruption in China and Ukraine. Hundreds of millions — millions in one place, billions in another place — while he’s negotiating for America.”

“His son is pulling down millions of dollars and Joe was taking him there on Air Force Two. Come on,” he added. “You know, if that were one of us [who had done that], we’d be indicted by now.”

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“But I believe the Democrats aren’t touching that yet because they are trying to take him out on his lack of competence … Let’s face it. Joe has never been a good candidate. I know he’ll get really insulted, but he’s not that bright. The president says that. It happens to be true … The fact is, he’s not the brightest bulb in the pack.”

Giuliani also noted that if Biden wasn’t prepared for the attack on him by Kamala Harris, then how would he be prepared for “Kim Jong-un and Putin and [the] people in China? … That’s a sad truth about him.”

Regarding special counsel Robert Mueller’s upcoming testimony to Congress, Giuliani said, “I think that the attorney general realizes this has gone way beyond what normally happens … way beyond the bounds of ethics and discussing the facts about somebody about whom you are not going to bring charges … If I was in his position, I’d be very concerned about how this is really doing something terribly unethical that prosecutors are taught you never should do. You never talk about a case when you decline prosecution. Ever, ever, ever, because it’s so unfair.”

“They are worried about Trump gaining even five percentage points among African-American voters because of the great economic record he’s had with African-Americans.”

Finally, regarding the citizenship question on the census that the president is in favor of — and House Speaker Nancy’s Pelosi objection to Trump’s plans and her calling it out as “racial,” Giuliani commented, “There is nothing racial about asking someone whether they are a citizen. It’s like seeking identification before you vote. That’s racial? … You have to produce identification to get on an airplane.”

“Nancy Pelosi’s smart,” replied Ingraham. “She is doing this [for a] reason. They are worried about Trump gaining even five percentage points among African-American voters because of the great economic record he’s had with African-Americans, with criminal justice reform. I think they are panicked about that [and] they want to divide this country on racial lines. I think it’s disgusting. Everybody is doing better in this economy — everybody.”

“The president, when he ran in ’16, said, ‘Take a chance on me, you can’t do any worse,'” Giuliani responded. “And, you know, they are doing better than they have ever done, all of us — white, black, Hispanic, and particularly minorities.”

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • These dumb dem loons really think they will win in 2020 with ideas like open borders, free health care for illegals, free tuition and the list goes on. They are in for one big surprise Tuesday, November 3, 2020 when President Trump is re-elected. There won't be enough fire extinguishers to put out the fire of all the exploding heads.‎

  • Giuliani is Great. Always to the point. Harris is such a racist; FULL of HATE for President Trump.

  • If Kamala Harris is in FAVOR of Open Border, she must be in Favor of her house open doors for Illegal Immigrants! Anyone knew of Kamala Harris house address so some of California Illegals could stay at her house?

  • Tell all these liberals that want open borders to take theses illegals into their home and take care of them. I am sick of my Tax Payer money being used to give them ALL free stuff. Take care of AMERICANS FIRST !!!!!!

  • Giuliani is right! I have saying for quite a while now that Pelosi should have to fill her yard with Port-a-potties and Harris would be a great second.

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