French President Macron Declares U.S. Climate Policy Too Liberal, Even for France

When the French think something is a bit too liberal, that’s when you know there could be a problem. 

On Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron came to America for a state visit with President Biden. While Macron and the Democrats agree on much, if not most things, the French leader let them know that the U.S. has gone too far with their “green” energy agenda.

Macron said of the falsely named Inflation Reduction Act, which includes nearly $400 billion in “green” schemes, “This is super aggressive for our business people.”

More specifically, Macron was referring to government subsidies for American-made products and green technology, which France argues will harm not only the French economy, but the overall European economy.

Macron continued, saying he wants “to be respected as a good friend,” but that U.S. policy will “perhaps fix your issue but you will increase my problem.”

The move by the Biden administration could spark an American-European trade war if European governments feel the need to subsidize their own green economic entities in response.

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U.S. vs. France

The Inflation Reduction Act was supposed to bring a huge wave of assistance to Americans struggling with 40-year high inflation. When CBS reported after passage of the bill that economists said it would do little to nothing to ease inflation, it quickly became the “Tax, Healthcare, and Climate” Act. 

It might be easy to see why economists did not think much of the Inflation Reduction Act. It closely resembled a laundry list of Democrats’ favorite pet projects. The behemoth $739 billion tax increase over 10 years includes $313 billion from a corporate tax increase, also known as “tax the rich!”

The bill also includes $124 billion for “IRS enforcement,” $14 billion for closing carried interest loopholes for money managers, and last but certainly not least, a whopping $369 billion for “energy-focused climate programs” over ten years. 

And while nuclear energy is something that makes American environmentalists cry into their tofu, France is all in on nuclear energy and derives roughly 70% of its power from that source.

Turns out, you don’t need hundreds of billions in wasteful spending for green schemes when you can just use an affordable, readily available resources instead, like France does.

In February of this year, France announced they would be building six new nuclear plants, with eight more under consideration.

Because of sound energy policy, France is the largest net exporter of electricity in the world, and earns around three billion euros per year. Roughly 17% of their power comes from recycled nuclear fuel. 

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CNN Slobbers Over White House State Dinner

Possible imminent trade wars aside, CNN wasted no time in gushing over the fact that the Macron visit was the first chance for the Bidens to host a state dinner. They lamented the fact that it took so long for such an occasion to happen. CNN’s website was complete with a picture of First Lady Jill Biden overseeing preparations for the whole affair.

While CNN famously reported how many scoops of ice cream former President Donald Trump was served compared to his guests, lavish details of the Biden state dinner were dutifully reported. From the table settings to the silverware to the menu. And the obligatory comparison between Jill Biden’s handling of state dinners and former First Lady Melania Trump.

But what might not be good optics for the Biden administration, is the fact that while the Bidens and the Macrons dine on beef and lobster, many Americans are having to choose between heating their homes and buying food due to inflation. (Again, a problem nuclear France doesn’t have.)

Fellow Democrat Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME) also called out the Biden administration’s hypocrisy for serving Maine lobster while imposing harsh new restrictions on Maine lobstermen that could put many out of business.

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