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georgia rivian subsidies
When electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian announced a new factory was coming to Georgia in December 2021, Georgia state officials rushed to offer the auto maker $1.5 billion in tax credits and subsidies.
biden EV mandate
The EPA’s new emissions standards require manufacturers to increase overall fuel efficiency by over 25% by 2026.
solar subsidies mississippi
January 11, 2023
To understand why it is irrational to subsidize solar, it helps to understand some basic facts about how this technology works.
French President Macron Declares U.S. Climate Policy Too Liberal, Even For Them
December 1, 2022
While Macron and the Democrats agree on much, if not most things, the French leader let them know that the U.S. has gone too far with their “green” energy agenda.
hunter biden art gallery
October 19, 2021
A Manhattan art gallery selling artwork from Hunter Biden received $580,000 in taxpayer-funded Covid-19 relief aid.
california pot subsidies
September 1, 2021
California pot subsidies will stand at $100 million to convert their provisional licenses to permanent ones, as required by the state.