Fox’s MacCallum Shreds Biden’s Hypocrisy Over Treatment of Apple vs. Twitter

Martha McCallum Shreds John Kirby by Asking the Difference in WH Treatment Between Apple and Twitter
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We already know that if it weren’t for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all. On the other hand, it’s often comical to watch them try to explain away those double standards.

On Wednesday, Biden’s National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, appeared on the Fox News Channel with host Martha McCallum. If the results of these Q and A’s weren’t so alarming, they would be hilarious.

McCallum tried to get Kirby to explain the difference in ongoing situations regarding free speech and the actions of Apple, the White House, and Twitter.

For a bit of background, The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in an ongoing effort to quell massive protests against extreme COVID lockdowns, requested that Apple suspend their “air drop” function on iPhones in China so protesters cannot communicate with each other. Apple complied, of course.

So McCallum wanted to know why the Biden administration has leveled veiled threats at Elon Musk and Twitter, but has said nothing about Apple assisting the totalitarian Chinese communist regime.

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Going In for the Kill

McCallum asked Kirby, “What do you say to Apple about helping the Chinese government to keep their people under control?”

Kirby was prepared to spin, replying, “Well look, in general, and we’ve clear about this all around the world, we want individual citizens, no matter what government they live under, to be able to communicate freely and openly, transparently and reliably. We’ve made that clear with respect to Iran and we certainly continue to make that clear with respect to China.”

Martha McCallum interrupted him and asked, “But have you made that clear to China?” It was here that, in the epic words of Danny De Urbina, who posted the video of this train wreck on Twitter, Kirby begins to “attend his own flogging.”

It went downhill from here.

Kirby ‘went there’ and replied, “Apple is a private company Martha. They have to make decisions and they have to speak for those decisions. But here at the White House, here in the administration, we want to see that individual citizens, whether they’re protesting or not, I know that’s the context we’re talking about, are able to communicate freely and openly.”

So everybody got that? Apple is a private company. Joe and Co. can’t tell them what to do. Hit it Martha!

“So why not say something to Apple? Because just the other day we were told that the White house is keeping an eye on Elon and Twitter. Why would Karine Jean-Pierre say it from the podium but not call Apple out for helping the Chinese government to suppress their own peoples’ ability to communicate?” McCallum countered.

Kirby continued to blather on about wanting everyone to communicate freely. But the dirty little secret is that is not what the Biden administration wants, despite Kirby’s protest that “We aren’t in the business of telling private companies how to execute their initiatives.”

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The Difference Is… Oh Wait…

McCallum didn’t even wait for Kirby to cease his pretzel twisting to muscle in on that one, saying, “But Twitter is a private company too,” and proceeded to ask the money question. “So why is Twitter getting one treatment and Apple is getting another is my question.”

Kirby gives the “don’t believe your lyin’ eyes” answer: “Well these are two completely different circumstances. You’re talking about the potential for perhaps foreign investment and involvement in the management of Twitter, that’s a different issue than what we’re talking about which is a business decision by Apple with respect to how one of their applications is being used.”

McCallum then said, “Well they are certainly being influenced by a foreign government, and that government is China. They’ve changed policies specifically for China when it comes to what they put on their phones. That seems like something the White House ought to keep an eye on.”

Martha pressed on, “Have you reached out to Apple as a matter of national security? Since we obviously have national security concerns with China who they seem to be aiding in this process.” 

Kirby’s answer was all you need to know: “I don’t have any communications to speak to you specifically with Apple executives.” Translation, no. the White House has reached out to no one.

Here’s the rub. Joe Biden and the Democrats have a deeply rooted interest in keeping Twitter in check and up to their old ways. It won them an election. Elon Musk said it himself and may be revealing documents alluding to that.

Apple’s involvement with the CCP could be of a much deeper and darker variety, but of course that is speculation. It is fair game however, to ask why an American company, built on and becoming successful under American principles, would help a brutal dictatorial regime? Is it just about cheap labor?

The question of why the Biden administration has been dead silent on the protests and Apple’s involvement in China may come with the swearing in of a new Congress in January, and all might be made clear. Will Hunter Biden’s laptop be involved? 

Watch the full exchange here:

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