COVID Fanatics Melt Down Over Twitter Removing Censorship Rules

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The left-wing Twitterheads have got to be exhausted because it has been one epic meltdown after another thanks to Elon Musk’s push for a transparent and free speech social media platform. Oh, the humanity!

Most recently, the hyperbole-laden tweets from the left establishment have been focused on a recent change to Twitter policy regarding COVID-19. Ah, COVID. Do you remember when we used to call it The Rona? 

COVID seems like that ex-boyfriend you wish you could erase from your memory but likes to keep popping up on your memory feed, reminding you about your past poor life decisions. Unfortunately, for the left, it’s more like that bad boy ex-boyfriend they can’t seem to quit.

We Are All Going To Die!

Because there are an excessive amount of people in this world with nothing better to do than comb through social media policy updates, the Blue Bird was all a-Twitter when this little update was published:

“Effective November 23, 2022, Twitter is no longer enforcing the COVID-19 misleading information policy.”

On the one hand, you had some who celebrated the decision, such as Dr. Simone Gold, who pointed out:

“This policy was used to silence people across the world who questioned the media narrative surrounding the virus and treatment options. A win for free speech and medical freedom.”

Yet others chose a more doom and gloom reaction, such as Dr. Lucky Tran, who said:

“Twitter has quietly changed their policies to allow COVID-19 misinformation. This change will literally kill people.”

So there you have it; with a simple update to their online rules, Elon Musk has single-handedly signed the death certificate of countless people; the power we place on one mere mortal is incredible.

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We’re Over It

There’s such a thing as overdoing something leading to fan fatigue. It’s like me with tacos; I love them, but sometimes I can eat too many tacos for too many days in a row, and then I don’t want them anymore.

I was in the military when COVID busted out onto the scene with its OG moniker Coronavirus. I was also a senior leader, so when the first vaccines came out, there was an expectation that I get my two taps to the arm. 

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I’ll be honest; I didn’t want to get the vaccine. Not because of any health-related issue, but at the time, I, like many of my fellow service members, was under tight restrictions, and I felt if getting these shots didn’t give me more freedom. What was the point?

Eventually, the decision was made to loosen restrictions for vaccinated military, so I got my two shots. Two years later, and much like many other Americans, I’m over it.

Last month’s data showed that only 11% of individuals over the age of 5 had received their updated vaccine and only 30% of those over 65. Senior Vice President of the Kaiser Family Foundation Jen Kates curiously explains:

“I think it still is a little bit of an uphill battle because so many Americans are weary of COVID and sort of have tried to move beyond, unfortunately.”

Unfortunately?! At what point will we ever be allowed to move on to other things and live our lives? 

Like most abusive relationships, the answer is never.

Never Surrender!

This move by Elon Musk shouldn’t surprise anyone; he’s a free speech proponent and was critical of the government’s response to COVID from the get-go. Back in 2020, he said the stay-at-home orders were:

“…forcibly imprisoning people in their homes against their constitutional rights.”

Leave it to an immigrant to understand the Constitution better than most Americans.

But when faced with a pandemic, shouldn’t we sacrifice our rights for safety? No, absolutely not, is the correct answer for those of you who weren’t paying attention in High School civics.

My favorite reaction to Elon’s change came from epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding:

“Bad news. Stay folks – do NOT cede the town square to them!”

I like to imagine that people like Mr. Feigl-Ding put blue war paint on their faces before mounting on their trusty steeds (office chairs) and fighting the noble fight on the battlefield known as Twitter.

First, the whole point of the town square concept is that any one side doesn’t own it; it is for all the people. 

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Second, please don’t leave Twitter because people like you provide me with easy article fodder.


Elon Musk is doing exactly what he said he would do; he would bring back free speech to Twitter and give the town square back to the users. Thanks to the old Twitter COVID-19 policy, over 11,000 Twitter users were suspended, and over 100,000 pieces of content were removed.

And that’s just COVID-related nonsense. Let’s not forget the controversy surrounding the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The White House shot a passive-aggressive warning to Elon this week when Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre ominously stated that they are “keeping a close eye” on Twitter. Creepy if you ask me, and a little, you know, fascist?

But the reality is plenty on the left think we should be adopting more rigid restrictions, perhaps emulating some of our neighbors.

Absolute Power

The COVID pandemic gave bureaucrats and journalists a taste of absolute power, and that flavor is so so sweet. But, unfortunately, we let it happen, too; we capitulated to obnoxious rules that restricted our businesses, schools, and lives.

Like it or not, we share in the blame.

Washington Post “journalist” Taylor Lorenz wrote an article warning of the dangers behind Elon Musk’s recent Twitter policy change regarding COVID information. This warning comes from the same woman who has publicly applauded none other than China for their COVID policies.

When her employer published an article on the historic protests going on across China regarding their totalitarian COVID policies, she tweeted a rebuke:

“…choosing not to kill off millions of vulnerable people (as the US is doing) isn’t a ‘critical flaw.'”

If it were left up to Taylor, we’d be welded into our homes and our speech suppressed so as not to say anything critical of the government. So I have my own message for Elon.

Keep up the good work and continue to poke at the ridiculous catastrophic rhetoric that the left keeps peddling. I’ll be over here, not wearing a mask and living my best life.

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