Fox’s Jesse Watters Slams ‘Trigger Happy’ Journalists For Supporting A No-Fly Zone: ‘Begging For War’

Fox News host Jesse Watters slammed media personalities demanding the United States implement a no-fly zone in Ukraine as "trigger-happy" journalists.

Fox News host Jesse Watters slammed media personalities who have been demanding the United States implement a no-fly zone in Ukraine as reckless and “trigger-happy.” 

Watters, host of ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ and co-host of ‘The Five,’ voiced his support for President Biden’s efforts to arm the Ukrainians in defense of the Russian invasion.

But the no-fly zone, as some like even Marco Rubio has pointed out, would be direct conflict with nuclear Russia.

Watters initially mocked the ladies of “The View,” calling them “the greatest military minds on daytime television” before playing a clip of co-host Sunny Hostin saying a no-fly zone is necessary because “we are already in a war with him.”

Spoiler alert: We are NOT at war with Russia.

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Jesse Watters Slams No-Fly Zone

Jesse Watters responded to the “generals of The View” calling for a no-fly zone in Ukraine by gently explaining that such a move would lead to war with Russia.

“Most of the partisan columnists at America’s largest newspapers agree,” Watters said. “And most of the mainstream media reporters are begging for a no-fly zone.”

He went on to argue that “not even Republican hawks” are calling for a no-fly zone in Ukraine.

“The most trigger-happy people in this country seem to be journalists,” he added.

“It’s like, ‘Can we please get into a shooting war with Russia?'” Watters joked. “‘I mean, if not now, maybe later can we start shooting Russians?’ It’s crazy. The only people asking for that are Zelensky and American journalists.”

Watch, beginning around the one-minute mark:

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Trigger-Happy Journalists

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a plea to Congress on Wednesday for a no-fly zone in Ukraine, something he has consistently called for, invoking historical tragedies such as 9/11 and Pearl Harbor to garner support.

“‘l have a dream,’ these words are known to each of you today,” he said. “I have a need, a need to protect our sky. I need your help.”

Contrary to Jesse Watters’ comments, however, there are some Republican war hawks who are calling for a no-fly zone in Ukraine.

Representative Adam Kinzinger, who cries at the thought of grappling with Capitol protesters, is all in on starting World War III and thinks anyone who disagrees is afraid of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I still believe in establishing a no-fly zone over Ukraine but we do have to act now,” he insisted. “I understand that many take Putin’s threat of nukes and are paralyzed from acting.”

Frighteningly, Kinzinger’s colleague, Representative Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) enthusiastically supports a no-fly zone even though she admittedly doesn’t “know what it would mean.”

“I don’t know what it will mean, but you know, freedom is not free,” Salazar told a reporter. 

The reporter continued, “So you don’t know what a no-fly zone would mean, that you have to shoot down Russian planes, I mean…”

“Of course,” she replied.

She later tried to claim to Tucker Carlson that she was “taken out of context.”

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