New Media Low: Journalists Mock Fox News Over Deaths Of Cameraman, Producer In Ukraine

A handful of prominent journalists took shots at Fox News over the deaths of a cameraman and young female producer in Ukraine.

A handful of prominent journalists took shots at Fox News over the deaths of a cameraman and young female producer in Ukraine.

Word surfaced on Tuesday that two journalists for Fox – producer Oleksandra Kuvshynova, 24, and cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski, 55 – were killed in an attack outside Kiev.

The attack also injured correspondent Benjamin Hall.

Lucas Tomlinson, who covers the Pentagon for the network, tweeted: “RIP Pierre and Sasha.”

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Journalists Mock Fox News Over Colleague Deaths in Ukraine

For reasons known only to her, Susan Glasser, a staff writer for the New Yorker and CNN, condescendingly commented on the tragic deaths while criticizing Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

“What a tragedy,” she wrote, as some observed, in a possible sarcastic tone. “A cameraman died covering the war for a TV network that airs a pro-Putin propagandist as its top-rated primetime host.”

That ‘top-rated primetime host is clearly Carlson, who has raised the ire of war-mongering pundits and lawmakers by daring to opinionate on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and opposing American intervention.

Glasser posted a follow-up tweet, again taking a jab at Fox News and their supposed “propaganda.”

“So grateful for the heroic work that Pierre and all the journalists, Ukrainian and foreign, have been doing risking their lives to show us the horror of this war,” she wrote. “Makes the years of lies and propaganda so much harder to take — there are truly deadly consequences.”

The CNN contributor was on the receiving end of some harsh criticism.

Newsbusters managing editor Curtis Houck wrote: “Did you tweet that from your nice digs in D.C. or Martha’s Vineyard? You’re terrible.”

Variations of the word ‘terrible’ littered Glasser’s replies.

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Others Mock Death of Fox News Cameraman

While most verified journalists on Twitter expressed sincere condolences over the deaths of cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and producer Oleksandra Kuvshynova, others actually echoed Glasser’s comments.

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan literally did that, retweeting Glasser’s remarks and adding, “Summing it up succinctly.”

How vile.

Miami Herald investigative reporter Julie K. Brown saw the backlash hitting both Glasser and Sullivan and offered a slightly different take, criticizing Fox News for covering other news items of the day.

“Fox News just lost a visual journalist killed by Russians in Ukraine and their hosts right now are talking about the cost of pajama bottoms at Target,” tweeted Brown. “I am not kidding.”

How dare they cover inflation and a potential recession that negatively impacts every American.

And, just like Glasser, Brown doubled down.

“Up next on Fox: a discussion about the liberal media in Ukraine,” she joked.

Of course, several viewers noted that Brown managed to get a screenshot of a particular Fox News segment that veered off temporarily onto the news of the day but failed to note the several segments and mentions of the deaths of their colleagues.

Olga Rudenko, a verified journalist for The Kyiv Independent, tried her hand at shaming Fox News as well.

“This is the Ukrainian member of the @FoxNews crew. She was killed today alongside their cameraman,” she said, sharing an image of the young woman. “Fox News doesn’t even mention her in their report.”

Shane Vander Hart, the editor at Caffeinated Thoughts, pointed out that Rudenko didn’t have her facts straight.

“Olga, this is wrong. They reported on it BEFORE you tweeted this,” he replied, linking to her own article, a news segment, and a tribute video at Fox.

There’s not much to be surprised about here. Outraged, yes. But surprised? Left-leaning media will always offer knee-jerk reactions to deaths in which they can make a political point with glee.

That’s exactly what Glasser, Sullivan, and Brown did here. It says a lot about their character.

Spectator USA contributing editor Stephen Miller summarized their reactions.

“This person (Brown), CNN or the Washington Post don’t give a shit about this guy,” he wrote. “They are using his death to ‘But Tucker.’ It’s all they know.”

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