Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera And Dana Perino Blast ‘Pathetic, Sleepy’ Biden Gun Control Speech

On Wednesday, Fox News pundits Geraldo Rivera and Dana Perino blasted President Joe Biden’s “pathetic” gun control speech aimed at the rise in violent crime, saying that it did not “meet the moment.”

Rivera and Perino made their remarks on Fox News’ “The Five.”

Watch the entire video segment at the bottom of this article.

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Geraldo On Biden Gun Speech: ‘That Was Pathetic’

Rivera argued that he believed America’s gun violence is a problem, but didn’t feel like Biden was capable of finding real solutions. 

“You’ve got to make this the emergency that it is,” Rivera said. “That was very, very sleepy and you know I like the guy, but that was pathetic and was not in any way — it seems to me totally reactive to the bad press, so you scramble to get something done.”

Geraldo added that he thought the president needed to show more strength on the issue.

Perino: Biden ‘Did Not Meet The Moment’

The Five’s Jesse Watters then asked Dana Perino, “Do you think that going after illegal gun traffickers here and there is going to do anything to stop the bloody summer that everybody expects?”

Perino said Biden “did not meet the moment.”

“I think it could help a little bit, but to Geraldo’s point, what President Biden did did not meet the moment,” Perino said.

Perino continued, “Let’s remember why is President Biden doing this speech today, anyway?”

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Perino Believes Biden Administration Is Feeling Pressured

“Because like on the border with Kamala Harris now going on Friday, that’s why where they are the most weak when it comes to their politics,” she insisted.

Perino then hammered the administration some more.

“So they know they are taking on water on that issue, too they said we’d better slap something together real quick and get the attorney general over here, write a too-long speech for the president and have him read it as if he’s reading back somebody’s fast food order in a drive through and that’s where it doesn’t meet the moment,” Perino said.

Watch the video here:


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