Former NYT Editor Reveals He Was Attacked By HR For Enjoying Chick-fil-A ‘Because They Hate Gay People’

Laugh along with a former New York Times editor as he recounts an amusing anecdote from his orientation day involving a sandwich choice.
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In case you were under the impression that employees at the New York Times should be held in higher regard than the average American newspaper, this story should make you think again.

They are not stocked simply with left-leaning intelligentsia. According to this report from former editor Adam Rubenstein, they are seemingly loaded with fresh-out-of-university lunatics.

Rubenstein wrote a column for The Atlantic which began with him recalling one of his first days working for the “Gray Lady,” and it is beyond hilarious.

At orientation, he had to tell the group about his favorite sandwich. Not wanting to sound snobbish, he opted not to choose more expensive fare and instead “blurted out, ‘The spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A.'”

And that’s when the hilarity ensued.

The HR representative leading the orientation chided me: “We don’t do that here. They hate gay people.” People started snapping their fingers in acclamation. I hadn’t been thinking about the fact that Chick-fil-A was transgressive in liberal circles for its chairman’s opposition to gay marriage. “Not the politics, the chicken,” I quickly said, but it was too late. I sat down, ashamed.

– Adam Rubenstein, The Atlantic

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New York Times Hates Chick-Fil-A

The fact that an orientation at the New York Times is basically a scene right out of West Side Story is something to behold. Snapping their fingers in acclamation?

Unreal. Funny, if not really, really sad and pathetic.

X CEO Elon Musk couldn’t help but laugh at the story, much like the rest of us who saw Rubenstein’s report.

“They ‘finger snap’ to show disapproval?” he wrote, adding a laughing while crying emoji.

The absurdity of it all almost takes away from an even more serious allegation that Rubenstein makes against the New York Times.

The newspaper, he alleges, did not want to lend credence to the Hunter Biden laptop story prior to the 2020 election for fear it would hurt Democrats.

“Was it truly ‘unsubstantiated,’ as the paper kept saying? At the time, it had been substantiated, however unusually, by Rudy Giuliani,” Rubenstein wrote.

“Many of my colleagues were clearly worried that lending credence to the laptop story could hurt the electoral prospects of Joe Biden and the Democrats,” he added. “But starting from a place of party politics and assessing how a particular story could affect an election isn’t journalism.”

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The Times Meddled In The Election

The New York Times would spend many, many months spreading a conspiracy theory that the Hunter Biden story was “misinformation,” only backhandedly admitting that the laptop was real in March of 2022.

Here you have a former editor admitting the newspaper swayed their coverage to effect a presidential election. Meddling.

Rubenstein’s name may stand out to readers. He, along with opinion editor James Bennet, was forced to resign from the New York Times for daring to run an op-ed from Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) arguing that major cities needed National Guard activity to quell out-of-control race riots.

Cotton at the time (R-AR) wrote that an “overwhelming show of force” was necessary to “disperse, detain and ultimately deter lawbreakers” who were using the murder of George Floyd as an excuse for violence.

Democrats were livid that their supporters were being targeted.

It’s difficult to decide what is the most embarrassing aspect of the New York Times staff following Rubenstein’s column. Firing editors for allowing opposing viewpoints? Helping to rig an election with misinformation?

Or snapping fingers in disgust at people who enjoy a sandwich at Chick-fil-a?

It’s a close call.

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