AOC Furious Over Times Op-Ed Supporting Military Action To Quell Riots, Americans Disagree

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was livid over an op-ed written by Senator Tom Cotton, in which he expresses support for military intervention in stopping out-of-control riots in cities across America.

Cotton (R-AR) wrote that an “overwhelming show of force” was necessary to “disperse, detain and ultimately deter lawbreakers” who are using the murder of George Floyd as an excuse for violence.

“The federal government has a constitutional duty to the states to ‘protect each of them from domestic violence,'” Cotton writes.

“Local law enforcement in some cities desperately needs backup, while delusional politicians in other cities refuse to do what’s necessary to uphold the rule of law.”

Cotton’s op-ed, which was printed in the New York Times Wednesday, comes just one day before an NYPD police officer was stabbed in the neck and two others were shot, as they stood guard against looters.

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AOC’s Meltdown

AOC ran down a litany of questions of which she demanded answers from the New York Times, many of which were completely lacking in any factual backing.

One such example: “Can you explain your choice to publish (Cotton’s column) on the anniversary of Tiananmen Square?” the New York socialist asked.

The Tiananmen Square incident is often referred to in China as the ‘June 4th incident.’ Any guesses why? Ding ding, because it occurred on June 4th, not June 3rd.

Historical facts being fumbled by AOC are to be expected though. It’s the deliberate (we’re giving her the benefit of the doubt here) misunderstanding of basic concepts.

For example, she asks: “Do you believe calling for violence is an ‘opinion’?”

Not one word of violence is uttered in Cotton’s piece. AOC is simply conflating ‘violence’ with the enforcement of law and order.

Ironic too, that had a left-wing domestic terrorist published a column explaining the need for their violent actions in the New York Times, Ocasio-Cortez wouldn’t have batted an eye.

If ignorance were an expression of art, AOC would be the Sistine Chapel.

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America Disagrees With AOC

As Cotton notes in his column, a majority of Americans side with his viewpoint when it comes to having the military called in to assist police forces in stopping violent riots.

Not just right-leaning voters, but Democrats and voters across the board are all on Cotton’s side.

That same poll also showed support for bringing in the National Guard to stop the riots – by an even wider margin. 71 percent of registered voters supported calling in the Guard, while a mere 18 percent opposed the measure.

“The American people aren’t blind to injustices in our society, but they know that the most basic responsibility of government is to maintain public order and safety,” Cotton muses.

“In normal times, local law enforcement can uphold public order. But in rare moments, like ours today, more is needed, even if many politicians prefer to wring their hands while the country burns.”

AOC is one such politician. What makes her even more dangerous, however, is the willful ignorance she uses to justify her actions.

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