Former New York City Mayor and radical, gun-hating leftist Michael Bloomberg used the occasion of a commencement speech at the University of Michigan to absolutely hammer college kids and their liberal campuses for the concept of “safe spaces.”

Bloomberg explained to the students that they were now heading out into the real world, a world where adults learn “how to resolve conflicts through reason,” a world full of “challenging and uncomfortable ideas.”

He blasted school administrations for “bow(ing) to pressure groups, and shield(ing) students from these ideas through safe spaces, code words, and trigger warnings.”

“The whole purpose of college is to learn how to deal with difficult situations, not to run away from them,” Bloomberg explained.

Via M Live:

Bloomberg drew applause from the crowd for his criticism of how universities have shielded students from confronting difficult situations and issues through the use of buzzwords like safe spaces, code words and trigger warnings, noting that graduates should aim to resolve “conflicts through reason.”

“The fact that some university boards and administrations now bow to pressure and shield students from these ideas through ‘safe spaces,’ ‘code words’ and ‘trigger warnings’ is, in my view, a terrible mistake,” he said. “The whole purpose of college is to learn how to deal with difficult situations – not run away from them.”

His next statement, however, was not as popular among students, taking aim at how safe spaces and “micro-aggression” insulate students from those holding different views.

“A micro-aggression is exactly that: micro! But in a macro-sense, one of the most dangerous places on a college campus is a safe space because it creates the false impression that we can insulate ourselves from those who hold different views,” he said. “We can’t – and we shouldn’t try, not in politics, or in the workplace. In the global economy, and in a democratic society, an open mind is the most valuable asset you can possess.”

Some of these students from the class of graduates were likely in school when the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work published a paper in 2013, in which they proposed the concept of “brave spaces” instead of “safe spaces.”

They wrote that so-called ‘social justice’ warriors needed to “emphasize the need for courage rather than the illusion of safety.”

Instead, they BOOED Bloomberg for his denouncement of ‘microagressions.’

They come from the same mindset that has liberal college students on other campuses freaking out when they see a ‘Trump wall,’ or pro-Trump chalkings on their sidewalks.

Want to see the absurdity of the ‘safe space’ college student demands? Check out this news report of UMD hosting ‘safe space’ training on their campus …


Comment: Is Bloomberg right? Do college campuses need to better prepare students for the real world and stop screwing around with ‘safe spaces’ to placate their precious little minds? Share your thoughts below.

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