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Media Tries to Blame President Trump for Florida School Shooting

The blood has barely dried outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and liberals are up to their usual tricks.

As hundreds of thousands of people offered prayers to those slain by gunman Nikolas Cruz, liberals mocked them, calling their prayers to God worthless.

Then there was Cruz’s Instagram picture wearing a MAGA hat, proof, liberals asserted, that the shooter is a Trump supporter. That was a load of nonsense, of course. Cruz is clearly a disturbed person who values violence over human life.

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Now, we have liberal journalists claiming that President Trump is somehow to blame for this shooting because he signed into law a bill that made it easier for mentally ill people to purchase guns.

There is so much baloney here it would make a sandwich explode with embarrassment. Conservatives instantly pounced on the deceptive reporting:

The bill signed into law by President Trump had nothing to do with Cruz’s crime. It was designed to not strip Social Security recipients of their gun rights.

Even the ACLU supported Trump’s move, writing, “This month, Congress repealed a rule that would have registered thousands of Social Security recipients with mental disabilities, who have others manage their benefits, into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to prevent them from owning firearms.”

Given that Cruz is 19 years old, obviously he wasn’t going to be signing onto the Social Security rolls anytime soon. Any assertion that the Florida shooting is Trump’s fault is disgusting slander.

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