Florida Republicans Move To Ban ‘Pride’ and Other Ideological Flags from Government Buildings

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This week, the Florida House of Representatives passed legislation along party lines that would ban ideologically-based flags from flying in government buildings. This legislation allows for the traditional flying of the American, state, and POW/MIA flags.

It didn’t take long for the Floridian liberals to claim the legislation is rooted in homophobia and transphobia, alleging that the goal of the bill is to ban the rainbow pride flag from flying in public schools and other government buildings. As usual, the Florida legislation does not pinpoint homosexuals or the pride flag specifically, but that never stops the pride movement from making any Republican effort solely about them.

Common sense

The Florida House Republican legislation states that:

“a government entity may not erect or display a flag that represents a political viewpoint, including, but not limited to, a politically partisan, racial, sexual orientation and gender, or political ideology viewpoint.”

The language pertains to more than just the pride flag, although it would be included. The legislation would also relate to political campaign flags, Black Lives Matter flags, Blue Lives Matter flags, and quite literally any flag that isn’t the American flag, state flag, or POW/MIA flag.

Republican Representative Doug Bankson explained:

“This is something that literally is bringing us back to the focus of education and not indoctrination.”

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Illustrating the ironic inclusiveness of this legislation, Republican Representative Randy Fine said:

“I don’t want the Hamas flag flying in this room. I don’t want the Black Lives Matter flag flying in this room, and I don’t want the Trump for president flag flying in this room. Those aren’t appropriate. They’re not appropriate in this room, they’re not appropriate in our schools, they’re not appropriate in our government buildings.”

Despite these seemingly sound arguments, the liberals still had plenty to say in opposition.

Unifying by separating

A nonbinary college student named Matthew Grocholske complained:

“I’m tired of telling our government that I have a right to exist. A pride flag isn’t just a flag, it is a symbol to me that my very existence means something – it’s a flag that unites my community, like how the American flag unites us all.”

Setting aside the obvious fact that not having a pride flag displayed in City Hall or his public school’s classroom doesn’t cause him to disappear from the realm of existence, Mr. Grocholske can still display his symbol of segregated unity on his person as the legislation doesn’t apply to students. Mr. Grocholske can even hang the symbol that anchors his psychological existence in his bedroom in his private residence or even outside his private residence.

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The point behind making sure government buildings and, in particular, public schools only fly the American flag is to ensure everyone is included. Flying the pride flag alienates heterosexuals and could also alienate Christians, and those of other faiths who believe homosexuality and any other deviations from heterosexuality is a sin.

But inclusivity only seems to matter for anyone other than those of faith or heterosexuals.

The hidden dangers

Republican Representative David Borrero argued:

“Public classrooms should not be the place where our kids go to be radicalized and evangelized into accepting these partisan, radical ideologies.”

His argument touches not just on the pride flag but other flags, such as the Black Lives Matter flag. Democrat Representative Dotie Joseph countered:

“Affirming that Black Lives Matter is not ideology, displaying a pride flag does not hurt anyone.”

And yet it was under the banner of Black Lives Matter that major cities across the United States endured the worst property damage in history, with dozens of innocent lives lost. All in the name of an organization dripping with the trappings of Marxism and consistently neck deep in financial controversy.

Public classrooms should be where American students of all flavors learn arithmetic, reading, writing, history, and science. American students should learn these crucial subjects under the nationally unifying American flag.

Instead, they aren’t learning how to do math, read, write, participate in a meaningful way with their government, or discover new things, as evidenced by recent national report cards. But they sure are good at siloing themselves into racial and sexualized camps under flags meant to build revenue, not unity.

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