World Health Organization Hires Transgender Activist With ‘Be Gay, Do Crimes’ Tattoo

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has assembled a team of 21 individuals to help create guidelines for transgender health care to be used by the medical community worldwide. In and of itself, this news is alarming, but the group’s makeup is even more of a head slapper.

Stacked with transgender activists with little to no medical background, the group’s guidelines will undoubtedly allow for the most extreme and permanent care advice for transgender individuals. One particular member of the board has received the most media attention for a tattoo on their body and previous comments advocating for puberty blockers for minors regardless of age with absolutely no restrictions.

Let’s take a closer look at what the WHO is up to and what it might mean for individuals and possible children who believe they are suffering from gender dysphoria.

What crimes?

The WHO has appointed Florence Ashely, a transgender criminal law professor, to a 21-member group charged with developing guidelines on “the health of trans and gender diverse people.” Florence is also an author and sports a tattoo that says, “Be gay, do crimes.”

Florence likes to go by the pronouns “they, them, that, bitch” and wrote a book titled Gender/Fucking: The Pleasures and Politics of Living in a Gendered Body. The book explores:

“…sexual arousal as a site of knowledge about the self and world.”

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In the book Florence:

“…draws on their experiences as a transfeminine activist, academic, and slut to interrogate what it means to live in a gendered body in our difficult yet occasionally loving world.”

What does all of that mean? Nobody knows, but it’s provocative, so it’s clearly important.

Medicate and Operate

Florence believes that:

“puberty blockers ought to be treated as the default option for all minors.”

Essentially, what she believes is no other treatment should be considered for minors other than blocking the natural progression of puberty. In fact, Florence believes that the natural development we have all experienced since the dawn of time:

“…strongly favours cis embodiement by raising the psychological and medical tool of transitioning.”

By far, the most egregious of arguments Florence has made for the use of puberty blockers is:

“Although much remains unknown about the long-term effects of puberty blockers, limited empirical evidence, and clinical experience make us more than justified in assuming that whatever risks puberty blockers have do not foreclose future life paths as much as undergoing puberty does.”

Lost? Don’t worry, I’ll break down ‘bitch’s’ argument for you.

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Because we don’t know the full extent of irreversible medical damage puberty blockers have on children, we should use them anyway because puberty is unpleasant. Granted, the human race has been going through puberty since the beginning of time, and we know what happens through that process…but sure…let’s throw caution to the wind.

What could go wrong?


It’s easy to focus on the most extreme member of the group, but the reality is the bulk of the 21 members on this WHO team are just as bad. Half of the group has absolutely zero medical expertise, with most of the group consisting of gender activists.

Psychotherapist Stella O’Malley explains why this is alarming:

“The WHO panel is made up mostly of social justice and human rights lawyers who believe the gender affirmative approach is the only option…”

What Ms. O’Malley means is that the majority of the panel doesn’t believe in other methods to treat transgender individuals, including mental health avenues. Ms. O’Malley goes on to say about the panel:

“They will determine care guidelines for trans people, yet they do not have anyone to represent critical balance on their panel.”

And that is the rub: the panel and, by extension, the WHO isn’t interested in actual full spectrum care for transgender individuals; they care about pushing the most extreme irreversible care. The question is, why?

The power of the WHO

The guidelines these “experts” will help craft according to the WHO will:

“…provide evidence and implementation guidance on health sector interventions aimed at increasing access and utilization of quality and respectful health services by trans and gender diverse people.”

That’s right, predominantly non-medical or healthcare professionals will help shape the guidance the health sector uses based on the “evidence” they provide. The WHO goes on to explain that the guidelines will focus on specific areas of policy to include:

  • Provisions of transition care, including hormone therapy
  • Health policies that support gender-inclusive care
  • Laws that respect an individual’s rights to express their gender in the way that feels right to them

Let’s play a game of which one of these is not like the other. It sounds a lot like requiring governments to issue various forms of identification that allow for gender fluidity.

I will leave you with this nugget for those who think what happens at the WHO doesn’t matter within our borders. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the United States is one of the largest donors to the WHO:

“Between FY 2014 and FY 2023, the U.S. assessed contribution has been fairly stable, fluctuating between $110 million and $123 million.”

What we invest in is what we care about.

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