Biden Admin Replacing Statue Of Founder Of Pennsylvania, William Penn, To Be ‘Inclusive’

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This is almost too unbelievable to be true, but unfortunately has become a seemingly permanent movement in our country the last few years.

Under the Biden administration, the National Park Service has announced the statue of William Penn in a Philadelphia park that commemorates his founding of Pennsylvania will be removed.

This statue sits at Penn’s former home, and will be replaced with more “inclusive” items.

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You’ve Got to Be Kidding

The National Park Service Claims the removal is all about “rehabilitation.”

Rehabilitation of what, exactly?

Fox News reports, “The ‘rehabilitation’ proposal for Welcome Park is meant to ‘provide a more welcoming, accurate, and inclusive experience for visitors,’ NPS said in a news release. “

The story added:

It “includes expanded interpretation of the Native American history of Philadelphia,” and was developed in collaboration with representatives from the Haudenosaunee, the Delaware Nation, the Delaware Tribe of Indians, the Shawnee Tribe, and the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. 

The park is named for the ship, Welcome, which Penn took to Philadelphia in 1682. The park was established 300 years later.

So they are canceling William Penn now because he’s evil, racist, white… or whatever.

Seriously, do they mean this guy?

‘Leave the Statue Right Where It Is’

Social media wasn’t having it. “Leave the statue right where it is,” one X user wrote in response to Independence National Historical Park’s tweet.

The online disdain for this idea kept rolling.

One user noted that name of the park where Penn’s statue is located, is called ‘Welcome Park.’

Unless you’re an American of European descent, it seems.

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Keep the Statue. Ditch Biden.

Guess the founder of the state is no longer welcome?

This move by the left to erase history and get rid of the memory of so many historical figures is not robbing future generations of knowing their past, but perverting it in the present.

William Penn was a leader all Pennsylvanians and Americans should be proud of.

And he should be commemorated in the eventual state that he founded during the colonial era.

There are many examples showing how Joe Biden is completely captured by the far left of his party.

This is but the latest.

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