George Stephanopoulos: There’s ‘No Way’ the Supreme Court Allows States To Ban Trump From Ballots

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So far, Colorado and Maine have banned Donald Trump from being on the 2024 presidential ballot, making the Democrats the party most interested in stopping an actual democratic election.

The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the matter sooner than later, as Trump has appealed the ruling.

And some don’t expect that ruling to go well for the left.

Just ask former Bill Clinton White House Communications Director George Stephanopoulos, who Mediate reports, “determined there is no chance that the Supreme Court will uphold the decision to ban Donald Trump from state ballots in the 2024 presidential election.”

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Or ask Never Trump Republicans:

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Threat to Democracy

The report continued:

Stephanopoulos spoke with ABC Chief Legal Analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams on Wednesday about the likelihood that the Supreme Court will preside over the decisions out of Maine and Colorado to disqualify Trump from the presidency under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Due to the extenuating circumstances, Abrams said, “there is no doubt in my mind [the Supreme Court is] going to take this case,” and “the advantage that the Donald Trump team has is that if they accept any one of the arguments, he wins.”

‘No Way’

“We could go through the five or so arguments that he has,” Abrams explained. “You have the due process argument, you have definitional arguments, you have questions about whether it’s self-executing or whether you need Congress to make laws, is the president even covered? If he wins on any one of those arguments, he wins. And that’s the challenge that the other side is going to have.”

Stephanopoulos replied, “I think you and I both begin from the premise that the Supreme Court simply does not want to step in and decide the election. That there’s no way they’re going to uphold the Maine decision or the Colorado decision. We may be proven wrong, but what’s the argument?”

Exactly. What is the argument.

Colorado and Maine’s supposed argument that Trump somehow violated the 14th Amendment is flimsy at best.

But in the bigger picture, if your argument is that Trump somehow tried to subvert democracy on January 6, 2021, yet you are a Democrat trying to make sure voters in certain states can’t vote for their candidate of choice – who is really trying to undermine democracy?

Expect the Supreme Court, as even George Stephanopoulos says, to block these ballot bans.

And expect Donald Trump to benefit from these glaring threats to democracy.

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