All eyes are on Florida where suspected shenanigans are afoot as Democrat county officials are “discovering” new ballots that could change the outcome of both the U.S. Senate and governors race. Now, a clear violation of ballot transportation protocol has purportedly been caught on camera.

Video discovered alleging ballot fraud

Congressional candidate Tim Canova posted what he claims is video of ballots being transferred in a private automobile. This process violates “chain of custody requirements” when it comes to paper ballots:

The video is so far unconfirmed. But Senator Marco Rubio, who’s not normally one to engage in conspiracies, highlighted the video:

Many questions regarding ballot shenanigans in Florida

The entire thing stinks of corruption to high heaven. (RELATED: Marco Rubio Warns of Corruption As Democrat Senator Bill Nelson Demands Recount In Loss to Rick Scott.) The fact that Marco Rubio is going out of his way to draw attention to the possible corruption, thus putting his reputation at stake, should raise any fair thinker’s eye brows.

The corruption of Brenda Snipes

Brenda Snipes, the woman in charge of the ballot counting in Broward, is refusing to answer questions regarding why the ballots have yet to be counted.

Her refusal to answer questions regarding the ballots, the overall tardiness of having them submitted, is against the law, as Senator Rubio points out:

Snipes herself has a long and decorated history of destroying and altering ballots to her own benefit:

This is seriously getting out of hand. Something bad is going on in Florida, and the proper authorities need to find out what. Snipes is not being forthcoming about where these “new ballots” are coming from. There needs to be oversight, especially when the entire outcome of two big political races is in question.

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