Florida Senator Marco Rubio warns of electoral shenanigans going on in Broward County. According to Rubio, Democrats are trying to overturn both GOP victories by rigging the vote total

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Senator Bill Nelson must be over the moon if he thinks this is going to work. He’s a few stars short of a galaxy in demanding a recount in the race he just lost to Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Florida stays red (for now) in midterms

Last night, the Democrats’ overall victory was tempered in Florida, where Republicans not only held the governor’s mansion with Ron DeSantis’s victory over popular socialist candidate Andrew Gillum, but they also picked off a Senate seat, ousting former astronaut Bill Nelson. (RELATED: Live Updates: 2018 Midterm Results.)

The failure in left Democrats smarting, as the Democrat candidates held favorable polling leads heading into election day. But, as the old saw goes, the only poll that actually matters is the election. And Florida voters sent spaceman Nelson back down to earth.

The Florida Senate race isn’t over, though

But, it may not be completely over. Nelson is contesting the final outcome, and is pulling an Al Gore. That’s right: he’s demanding a recount:

From CBS in Miami:

Despite Governor Rick Scott declaring victory, the Senate race is too close to call as of early Wednesday morning and is heading to a recount, according to Senator Bill Nelson’s office.

Unofficial results show Nelson narrowly trailing Scott by a little more than just 34,500 votes out of a total of 8.1 million ballots cast, according to the Senator’s office. That’s less than a one-half percentage point difference.

State law requires a recount when candidates are within one-half point.

Given that the GOP only increased its slim majority in the Senate by a few seats, it would be devastating for the Republicans to cede this seat. But the numbers are close enough by current estimations to warrant it.

Florida shows that every vote counts

One thing this shows, however, is just how competitive Florida was. It really did come down to the wire, with Scott just eking out a temporary victory. Floridians can be rest assured their vote wasn’t taken for granted. Not every voting American say that.

Now, we have to wait and see what Florida’s electoral officials say.