Federal Appeals Court Puts A Halt To Extension On Wisconsin Ballot Counting

wisconsin ballot extension

A federal appeals court has put a halt to an extension on counting ballots after Election Day election in Wisconsin, in a blow to the DNC.

Ballot Extension Overturned By Appeals Court

Wisconsin had initially allowed a six-day extension for the counting of absentee ballots, meaning that the ballots would have been allowed to be counted up until November 9th.

A lower court had stood by the decision that had been pushed for by Democrats.

The Democratic National Committee, along with the Wisconsin Democratic Party and other groups allied to the cause, had sued to allow the ballot extension.

They argued this was done after the primary elections in April saw thousands of ballots sent in late.

District Judge William Conley had ruled last week that any ballots that had been postmarked on Election Day would still be  counted.

However, the federal appeals court on Sunday then reversed this decision, putting the extension order on hold.

It will now be up for the 7th District Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court to issue any further action in the decision.

The hold will stay until either of these courts intervenes, which they may or may not do before Election Day.

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Wisconsin Is A Key Battleground State

The Republican Party will certainly be happy with this decision.

The Republican National Committee and the Wisconsin Republican Party condemned the earlier ruling.

They argued that, given months of advance notice, people could easily both obtain and return their ballots to be counted.

This is an especially important decision, given that Wisconsin is one of the key battleground states in this upcoming presidential election.

This halt on the ballot extension in Wisconsin puts a stronger protection against anyone who wanted to change the results of the vote.

I’ve reported previously that a Democrat operative had told the New York Post all the tricks and scams that he had used in the past to fraudulently shift election results.

We need more judges to side with secure and fair elections, rather than those who wish to defraud the republic.

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Judges Should Continue To Side With Protecting Ballots

One such judge was Ian Thornhill, who ruled on the side of President Trump’s campaign team and against a commissioner for Iowa’s Linn County.

The judge ruled that the latter overstepped his legal bounds by pre-filling absentee ballots with the personal information of voters.

Thornhill issued an injunction against the commissioner, informing him that all 50,000 voters who received such ballots must receive a written notification letting them know that they must either create new requests for absentee ballots, or vote in person in November.

He argued that he had violated a “clear directive” from Iowa’s Secretary of State, Paul Pate, which informed county officials that voter forms must be sent off anonymously in order to protect the identities of potential voters.

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