Judge Rules Against 50,000 Requests For Absentee Ballots In Iowa

Judge Voting

A judge has ruled that an Iowa county must reject 50,000 applications for absentee ballots for November’s presidential election.

50,000 Voter Forms Already Filled Out

Judge Ian Thornhill on Thursday made a ruling that agreed with a lawsuit by President Trump’s campaign against three Iowa counties regarding absentee ballots. Thornhill noted that the elections commissioner for Linn County overstepped his legal mark by pre-filling absentee ballots with the personal information of voters.

Linn County Auditor, Joel Miller, a Democrat, had in July sent out the forms including names, dates of birth, and voter identification numbers, with a supposed goal to “make it as easy as possible” to vote by absentee ballots during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Thornhill: Miller Violated A “Clear Directive”

Thornhill has now issued an injunction to Miller, informing him that all 50,000 voters must receive a written notification letting them know that they must either create new requests for absentee ballots, or vote in person in November.

He argued that Miller had violated a “clear directive” from Iowa’s Secretary of State, Paul Pate, which informed county officials that voter forms must be sent off anonymously in order to protect the identities of potential voters.

This is one of the first big wins for President Trump and his campaign in the state of Iowa. Another hearing is set to take place on Friday for Woodbury County, which has had 14,000 ballot requests returned, and in Johnson County, a Democrat stronghold, which has also had thousands of ballot requests sent back.

How Much Voter Fraud Will There Be In November?

It follows a ruling in New Jersey last week, where a judge ruled that a municipal election was “irreversibly tainted” by a mail-in voting fraud. An investigation caused 20% of ballots of to be rejected, and charges of voter fraud were brought against Democrat councilman Alex Mendez (the supposed victor), another councilman, and two other men.

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I wonder how many Americans will believe that November’s election could be “irreversibly tainted” by the actions of Democrat officials like Joel Miller?

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