Fauci Takes Heat After Casting Doubt On Efficacy Of COVID Vaccines

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is taking criticism after his recently published paper cast doubt on the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

Joel Zinberg, a Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow, blasted Fauci for pushing for strict mandates despite the concerns with the vaccine.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci recently acknowledged that there had always been good scientific reasons to believe that vaccines against the respiratory virus that causes COVID-19 – SARS-CoV-2 – would provide limited protection against infection and only for a short time,” Joel Zinberg, Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow, told The Center Square.

“That is precisely what happened: it quickly became apparent that protection against transmission lasted just a few months and effectiveness declined as each new viral variant proved more contagious than its predecessor,” he continued. “Yet Dr. Fauci persisted in insisting that repeated vaccines were needed for everyone and until recently pushed for vaccine mandates.”

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Fauci, who left his role as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases last year, made the comments in a recent medical journal piece that he co-authored. The piece makes clear that developing long-term vaccines for respiratory conditions like COVID-19 is very difficult and a problem that still needs to be overcome, something researchers have known for years. 

From the published article in Cell Host and Microbe:

Considering that vaccine development and licensure is a long and complex process requiring years of preclinical and clinical safety and efficacy data, the limitations of influenza and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines remind us that candidate vaccines for most other respiratory viruses have to date been insufficiently protective for consideration of licensure, including candidate vaccines against RSV, a major killer of infants and the elderly, parainfluenzaviruses, endemic coronaviruses, and many other ‘common cold’ viruses that cause significant morbidity and economic loss…

Taking all of these factors into account, it is not surprising that none of the predominantly mucosal respiratory viruses have ever been effectively controlled by vaccines. This observation raises a question of fundamental importance: if natural mucosal respiratory virus infections do not elicit complete and long-term protective immunity against reinfection, how can we expect vaccines, especially systemically administered non-replicating vaccines, to do so? This is a major challenge for future vaccine development, and overcoming it is critical as we work to develop ‘next-generation’ vaccines.

The paper and other research have shown that Fauci was mistaken or deceptive in his promises about the effectiveness of the vaccine while pushing for it on behalf of the federal government. For example, Fauci said in May 2021 that “when you get vaccinated, you not only protect your own health and that of the family … But also you contribute to the community health by preventing the spread of the virus throughout the community. And in other words, you become a dead end to the virus.”

The latest research shows vaccinated people can still spread the virus.

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The economy nosedived because of pandemic-era shutdowns and countless Americans lost their jobs.

From nurses to Navy SEALS, those who refused vaccination were forced out of their jobs. Elected leaders also publicly attacked vaccine skeptics.

As time goes on, more research and papers like Fauci’s have emerged, either casting doubts on the effectiveness of the vaccine and in some case, highlighting the adverse side effects.  

“Thousands of workers who were, perhaps ill-advisedly, willing to risk severe illness themselves, were fired even though vaccines would protect neither them nor their co-workers from infection. Essential personnel including firefighters, police and the military have been lost,” Zinberg said.

“Fauci’s prolonged reluctance to acknowledge the predictable shortcomings of COVID vaccines has undermined trust in public health authorities,” he added. “Even with government efforts to censure ‘misinformation,’ the decreased effectiveness of vaccines in stopping transmission became public knowledge. When the next pandemic comes, people may have little faith in the advice they receive, with potentially disastrous consequences.”

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  • Every time I go in for my Allergy shot, the Dr. tells me I will feel a little prick. I instantly think of Fauci.

  • Ever heard the saying of "The Boy Who Cried WOLF !" ? Every government and authority in the entire World - not just the Kingdom of Tony Fauci - can expect their future "Dire Warnings" to be received with the traditional "Pinch of Salt !"
    I note that Marburg ( kin to Ebola ) has again surfaced in Africa - Now if THAT gets out and about then TS will REALLY Hit The Fan ! ( Ebola death rate more than 90% ) I hear the WHO has involved itself - God Help us !!

  • Anthony Fauci needs to be tried quickly in the U.S. for treason and courts and a world tribunal for his many crimes against humanity

  • Now that Dr. "Mengele" has made his fortune from Covid, he seems to be saying that it was all just a sad joke on Americans . . . i.e., untested "vaccine" said to be safe and effective.

  • The only thing Fauci should be questioning is when his next meal will arrive while sitting in solitary confinement in a Federal prison for life!

  • Fauci is lying his butt off. He promoted the vaccines as a PERMANENT fix. He lied to everyone!!! He has caused many preventable deaths. He is one of Satan's minions!!

  • Fauci was as incompetent as Biden. He lied about everything. But, just think of how many more people would have died without the vaccine. Healthy young people and children were not in danger.
    Fauci & the CDC experimented on the young ones.

  • Good lord this antivaxer nonsense again? The vaccines were very effective against the strains they were designed for. Of course they are going to be far less effective years and numerous mutations later. That makes little difference now though because the fatality rate has fallen so low that most people no longer need a vaccine. You might as well get vaccinated against the common cold as against COVID today. Pretty simple stuff.

    • The mRNA based "vaccine" would probably be just as effective against the "Common Cold" as it was against the original strain of covid-19. The World is fortunate that a more virulent strain was not "accidentally released" into the Human Race in the first instance. Now that the testing is over - maybe next time the Pandemic will be more "Targetted & Effective" ? !!
      God help us all ! The Lunatics are running the Asylum !

  • Fauci needs to be prosecuted for fraud. He pushed the government to enforce shutdowns and mandatory inoculations while all the time knowing that the inoculations were useless - just to gain personal wealth from his stock in the companies producing the substrate. Now, let his very own words be used to prosecute him!

  • Hey, you jerks who descried those of us who refused the "vaccine:" How about an apology for your screaming fits against us? Once again, we see that natural immunity is way better than ineffective shots. I got sick from Covid for three days, survived, recovered and was no longer able to spread the disease. You want to know how? Good homemade chicken soup and bed rest.

    • Same here. Now we see a majority of covid related deaths are among the Vaxed, not the un-vaxed. Blood Banks are asking for donations from those that have the Natural Immunity. Who wants a transfusion with blood already contaminated with the Vax? No one.

    • I also refused the vaccine.....got Covid but didn't even realize I had it because the symptoms were so mild.... I went to the doctors for a sore throat for 1 day and night time fever for 4 nights.....otherwise absolutely no other symptoms! I've had the "usual flu" with worse symptoms! Another Big Pharma Scam with all the usual players going along!

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