Elon Musk Mocks ‘Creepy’ Anthony Fauci Following Report That His Office is Plastered With Portraits of Himself

Elon Musk once again blasted Anthony Fauci, calling him "creepy" after a New York Times column described his office as being plastered with portraits painted by fans of himself.
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Elon Musk once again blasted Anthony Fauci, calling him “creepy” after a New York Times column described his office as being plastered with portraits of himself painted by fans.

Musk was responding to a tweet by Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy, who pointed out the first sentence of the Times profile.

“The walls in Dr. Anthony S. Fauci’s home office are adorned with portraits of him, drawn and painted by some of his many fans,” it reads.

Musk, who has previously argued that Fauci should be ‘prosecuted,’ delivered a one-word response: “Creepy.”

Shortly thereafter Musk added, “Maybe he just loves looking at science?”

It is a quip based on Fauci’s claims that he is beyond criticism because, as he states, “I represent science.”

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Musk: Fauci is Creepy

The New York Times describes the retiring Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) as “America’s most loved and hated doctor.”

In the interview, Fauci slams the “far right” for attacking him, laments being “pained” at having to contradict former President Donald Trump, and claims “politicization” of the pandemic has led to lives being lost.

“How you can have red states under-vaccinated and blue states well-vaccinated and having deaths much more prevalent among people in red states because they’re unvaccinated — that’s tragic for the population,” he said.

What’s tragic is that the public face of health in America contributes to politicization by repeatedly providing misinformation.

Since April of 2022 through at least August of 2022, vaccinated individuals have represented the majority – about 60% – of the deaths from COVID in America, according to data from the CDC.

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Fauci is ‘Uncomfortable’ With People Knowing He Likes to Look at Himself

Getting back to the self-portraits all over Fauci’s office that Musk calls creepy…

Fauci, according to the New York Times, is “a little uncomfortable with people knowing about the pictures” that adorn the walls of his office.

He said that previously, when they were captured on camera, the “far right” attacked him as an “egomaniac.”

Guilty as charged. This past January, a screenshot from the National Geographic documentary titled “Fauci” went viral, showing the good doctor working in his office with a bobblehead and a massive, life-size portrait of himself.

“While most of us feature pictures of our spouse or children on our desk or workspace, Fauci seems to be rather obsessed with … well, Fauci,” The Political Insider wrote at the time.

Fauci tells the Times that if fans go through the trouble of sending him a portrait, he’d feel as if he was “disrespecting them” if he got rid of it.

Most people, however, would collect them perhaps and tuck them away in the attic, nice mementos for the grandchildren to look at later in life. Not many would hang so many that a newspaper would describe it as the walls being “adorned with portraits.”

On a more serious note, Musk set the social media world on fire when he recently suggested Fauci should not be heralded as a hero, but should perhaps face prosecution.

Musk promised a ‘Twitter Files’ release that would show COVID propaganda being perpetrated at the highest levels, posted a meme mocking the Biden health expert over lockdowns, and tweeted, “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci.”

Earlier this week, Musk declared that Twitter would “follow the science” which, he points out, is a concept that includes debate from those with opposing viewpoints.

“New Twitter policy is to follow the science, which necessarily includes reasoned questioning of the science,” Musk wrote.

If Americans didn’t have their views on masks, lockdowns, and vaccine efficacy censored by Big Tech, and the truth behind them got out, maybe there wouldn’t be so many self-portraits on Fauci’s wall to begin with.

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