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Sewage Spills Out of Water Fountain in EPA

Remember back in 2015 when the Environmental Protection Agency accidentally triggered a mine waste spill in Colorado, turning an entire river orange? If not, watch below:

That was a pretty embarrassing screw-up for a government agency that was founded to protect the environment, but luckily for them, they’re a government agency, and that meant no consequences. Sure, they triggered an incredible $1.2 billion in economic damages, but the EPA’s lawyers and the Justice Department concluded that “the EPA is barred from paying the claims because of sovereign immunity, which prohibits most lawsuits against the government.”

That answers the old question of “who watches the watchers”: nobody!

The EPA is making headlines once again, with their latest environmental screw-up in which the s*** hit the fan…… quite literally (minus the fan part).

According to VICE,

Employees at the EPA headquarters in Washington, DC, discovered that sewage was literally spewing out of the water fountains. They got an email at about 9 AM letting them know that there was a “water line back up” causing an “issue” with the fountains. According to the folks inside, “issue” was an understatement.
“A sewer problem at EPA HQ has resulted in poop exploding out of water fountains,” Dan Becker, director of the Safe Climate Campaign, told E&E.
The poopsplosion pictured apparently detonated outside the EPA’s Office of Policy, in a hallway nearby EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s office, Mashable reports. According to E&E News, a few other water fountains overflowed on the same floor, and the odor from the black sludge wafted into nearby offices. The whole thing might have caught some unsuspecting employees off guard, but according to one former agency official, the water fountains at EPA HQ have always been a little suspect.
“Sometimes there were some very odd smells coming out of those drinking fountains,” he told E&E. “I can’t imagine that anyone would actually drink out of those drinking water fountains. I think I used it to pour my coffee down.”

Isn’t there some EPA regulation out there to prevent that from happening?

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