Elon Musk Says He Can No Longer Vote For Democrats – ‘Party of Division and Hate’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made huge waves Wednesday when he publicly announced that he will no longer vote Democrat due to its shift to the far left agenda.

Since he announced his effort to purchase social media giant Twitter and turn around the company’s pro-censorship policies, Musk has been increasingly more open about his views, and doesn’t appear to shirk away from any topic. 

The technofuturist billionaire made it crystal clear why he was leaving the Democrats, and didn’t pull his punches.

This admission, refreshing as it is, gave way to the stone-cold realization of where our country is in terms of politics and culture. Before he announced his voting intentions, he gave a warning about what was to come:

Undoubtedly true, Mr. Musk.

But Musk had already been hinting at his views – sharing this image on April 28 explaining where he now stands politically.

This comes just days after a horrific mass shooting in Buffalo, New York that liberals wasted no time in using as a tool for racial division. In a bizarre plot many pundits attempted to blame Fox News host Tucker Carlson for the shooting. 

Musk ended his tweet with a prophecy: “Now, watch their dirty tricks campaign against me unfold … ” And a follow up tweet that confirms his hunch was correct.

That ‘hatestream’ included replies such as this one from economist David Rothschild:

Musk was also calling out the S&P 500 ESG Index on Twitter for cutting Tesla from the list but pumping up Exxon Mobile based on their controversial ESG scores.

ESG is a relatively new concept where companies are scored by their adherence to almost exclusively left-wing preferences

Examples include carbon emissions, labor management, and executive compensation.

The debate over the new ESG standards in investing is becoming a hot political topic as the state of Utah has had major pushback against the rating system in recent months. Many are uncomfortable with an investment rating that is so politically motivated. 

No doubt Musk is right that political attacks against him will escalate dramatically. 

Certainly just a coincidence, both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Trade Commission opened up investigations of Musk days after news of his Twitter plans broke.

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Deborah Francisco

Deborah Francisco is a former contributor and Washington Capitals web manager turned political junkie who is ready to resurrect Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose brand of Republican politics. She is also a wife, homeschool mom, and avid naturalist.

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