Megyn Kelly Rips Media For Blaming Tucker Carlson For Buffalo Shooter

Megyn Kelly defended Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson from attacks by the media insinuating his commentary and opinion were somehow a motivation for the Buffalo shooting.

Megyn Kelly defended Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson from attacks by the media that have blamed his commentary and opinion for the recent Buffalo shooting.

As is practically protocol at this point, the media swiftly capitalized on the mass shooting by Payton Gendron, an 18-year-old, self-described “authoritarian leftist” and “white supremacist,” and tried tying it to Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

They didn’t do this when a Bernie Bro shot up a softball field full of Republican lawmakers back in 2017, nearly killing Representative Steve Scalise. They didn’t do it in Waukesha after the Christmas parade massacre. And they didn’t do it more recently with the New York subway shooter.

Why? Because those examples don’t fit their narrative.

Kelly finds the whole thing infuriating.

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Tucker Carlson Gets an Assist From Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly, host of The Megyn Kelly Show on Sirius XM, addressed the Buffalo shooting and slammed the media for feeling the need to start “pointing fingers.”

“Some in the media have been quick to point fingers and even place blame on our friend and very popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson,” she said. “It’s outrageous, it’s wrong both factually and morally.”

“Why do we have to go to that place immediately on these stories? Why can’t we spend two f***ing minutes mourning the people who are dead and trying to understand that we have insane people in this country?” continued the podcast host.

That’s easy, Ms. Kelly. Because the liberal media doesn’t care about tragedy or dead bodies, so long as they can be used to make a political point.

The media are the enemy of the people. It really is that simple.

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Kelly Tells the Media to ‘Just Stop It’

Megyn Kelly continued to urge the media to “stop” blaming Tucker Carlson for something well beyond his control.

“We have lunatics! It’s a huge country. We’re not going to be able to get rid of them all,” she explained. “It infuriates me.”

“People have to inject their politics in everything and this guy had a racist manifesto, there’s no question,” Kelly added. “That doesn’t make it Tucker Carlson’s fault! Just stop it! Just stop it!”


Carlson himself defended against false narratives coming from the left, saying reaction to the massacre reveals a “broader ruthlessness and dishonesty of our political leadership.”

“Professional Democrats had begun a coordinated campaign to blame those murders on their political opponents,” he alleged.

The media too, are ‘professional Democrats.’

The New York Times on Sunday accused Carlson of promoting the so-called “Great Replacement Theory.”

“No public figure has promoted replacement theory more loudly or relentlessly than the Fox host Tucker Carlson, who has made elite-led demographic change a central theme of his show since joining Fox’s prime-time lineup in 2016,” they wrote.

A recent Rolling Stone article claimed the Buffalo shooter was a “mainstream Republican” and labeled Fox News a “chief” purveyor of nativism.

Politicians didn’t pull back on the finger-pointing either.

Senator Chuck Schumer also went after Tucker Carlson.

“It’s not enough for outlets like Fox News and hosts like Tucker Carlson to just condemn Saturday’s violence and the shooter’s racist views—then return to regularly-scheduled programming,” he said.

“They need to stop spreading dangerous racist lies like replacement theory on their shows.”

Perhaps there is no better response to the media’s lies, or Schumer’s lies, or Liz Cheney’s lies, than Tucker Carlson himself.

When facing calls for his firing back in September over his referring to “the Great Replacement,” Carlson replied simply “f*** them.”

“I know that the left and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement,’ if you suggest that the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate,” Carlson said.

“But they become hysterical because that’s what’s happening actually. Let’s just say it. It’s true.”

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