El Salvador’s President: American Cities Are ‘Wastelands’ Deliberately Caused By the Enemy Within

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Last year, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele sat with Tucker Carlson to discuss his popularity and thoughts on the increasing crime in major American cities. For those who aren’t unaware, Bukele has become something of a folk hero – he has taken the most dangerous country in the world and worked miracles. 

Bukele controversially mass-arrested gang members – some 70,000 of them – and homicide rates dropped like a stone. Thus, Bukele has a simple philosophy: crime goes down when you arrest the criminals.

It’s quite the contrast from America. President Bukele painted American cities as “wastelands” plagued by bad policies and gutted law and order programs.

To have the leader of a third-world country talk of American cities as too dangerous for him ever to consider living in is not just embarrassing, but a telling description of where the United States is heading. But the most interesting part of his discussion with Mr. Carlson was his theory on where this destruction of U.S. cities originates.

According to the president, the enemy is within the city limits.

An orchestrated plan

When El Salvador President Nayib Bukele sat with Tucker Carlson last year, he told the former Fox News host:

“The demise of the U.S. has to come from within.”

Mr. Bukele went on to explain:

“When you look how the cities are eroding so fast, this has to be by design.”

The examples the president gave included city leaders giving out money to residents to purchase drugs, incentivizing unemployment by paying residents not to work, and efforts to defund the police.

He described the following:

“The defunding of the police, allowing shoplifting, giving drugs to drug addicts, giving money to people to stop working, what will be the consequences? You’ll destroy society, you’ll destroy the city, you’ll destroy the economy…and it’s already happening.”

It was already happening, and we are living with the consequences of these policies.

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Free drugs!

In February of 2021, Oregon decriminalized the possession of controlled substances in Ballot Measure 110. Since this decision, Portland has been transformed from a quirky, hip West Coast city to what looks like a set from a zombie apocalypse movie.

Homeless drug addicts shoot up heroin and smoke crack openly with essentially zero consequences. Portland’s homicide rate, since the approval of this measure, is now the highest it has been in over a decade. 

Furthermore, it was discovered that like in many other major cities on the West Coast, drug addicts are using their food stamps to buy fentanyl and other hard drugs. Over on the other coast, New York City employed ‘Public Health Vending Machines.’

Instead of potato chips and candy bars, these vending machines doled out free crack pipes and ‘Safer Smoking Kits’ to drug addicts. The drug kits contained the following: heavy stem, mouthpiece, pusher, six screens, chore filter, and lip balm.

While the drug paraphernalia was free to the addicts, each vending machine cost taxpayers $11,000. What does it say about a government that actively tries to keep its citizenry in a drug-induced haze instead of trying to remove the drugs from the environment?

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Crime & Chaos

The defund the police movement spread across the United States like a virus after the death of George Floyd and subsequent riots that summer. Cities slashed funding for police departments, district attorneys vowed not to prosecute crimes, and ineffectual positions were floated to replace police officers.

Social workers and training for citizens on how to de-escalate crime in favor of a police response were pushed by liberal leaders from California to New York. Unsurprisingly, this caused crime to increase and citizens with the means to flee major cities run by Democrats to red states in hopes of regaining a sense of safety and security.

Additionally, the increase and overall societal acceptance of shoplifting has changed the city street landscapes, let alone the shopping habits of Americans. In 2021, retail theft cost stores close to $100 billion, with that same year seeing closures of chain stores, including five Walgreens in San Francisco.

To counter this trend, Walgreens opened a store in Chicago with almost every item behind locked doors, forcing residents to purchase their goods at a kiosk in the front of the store. This year, Target closed four stores in major cities due to theft and safety concerns.

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But it’s not just the major chains suffering. In New York City, small business owners saw a 77% increase in theft in the last five years, totaling $330 million in losses.

If there are no tangible consequences for breaking the law, then there is no benefit to follow the law. Why would a society want to perpetuate a cycle of lawlessness?

In broad daylight

With a sense of wonder, President Bukele told Tucker Carlson:

“They make these decisions openly. It’s not even a secret, and we all know what will be the consequences of it.”

It is true liberal public administrators, city leaders, and state representatives have unashamedly pushed these destructive policies – with enough support from the electorate to transform once heralded metropolitan cities into, as the El Salvadoran president said, “wastelands.” 

Once-proud marvels of the modern world are now dangerous centers of lawlessness, drug use, and homelessness fueled by the need for power and desire to transform the very nature of our country from that of endless opportunity to that of hopeless abandon and dependence on the state. The enemy is within the gates, and they have played on America’s shared exhaustion and hedonism to destroy what were once great cities and remake them in their own image. 

Americans should consider trading in their big city addresses for small-town comfort or even head south to San Salvador, San Miguel, or Santa Ana. 

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