‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Star John Schneider Breaks Down As He Honors Late Wife Months After Her Death

John Schneider
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The legendary former “Dukes Of Hazzard” star John Schneider tragically lost his wife to cancer back in February when she was only 53 years-old. Over the weekend, Schneider made his first Hollywood appearance since her passing, and he could not help but break down in tears over this loss.

Schneider Breaks Down Over Wife’s Loss

Schneider, 63, began to tear up as he told Daily Mail that that while he wants to help others cope with grief, he’ll never get over the loss of Allain, saying that he has been on an “awful road” since her death. He added that part of his healing process involved writing a new album called “We Are Still Us” in her honor.

“My bride Alicia and I did our own movies and our own music, so we didn’t work for anybody. So that was very, very helpful,” Schneider explained. “Now that, really, my much, much, much better half is not here, but waiting for me, I am trying to honor her professionalism and trying to honor her skill.”

“I just finished a new album that I think is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s all about her, it’s called ‘We’re Still Us,'” he continued, adding that he is “very proud” of how the album turned out.

“And I do believe it’s helpful, but honestly, I don’t see a time where this doesn’t hurt like hell,” he lamented. “It hurt so bad to write. It hurt so bad to sing. But the final product is going to be healing for those who are going through this; of which, statistically speaking, two people get married, one of them is going to die first.”

Allain was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2019, and her obituary states that she passed away “at her home surrounded by her family as she took her last breath on Tuesday, February 21, 2023.” She was an actress and owned her own entertainment company that produced nearly 20 films from 1995 to 2022, with two projects still set to be released.

Allain and Schneider started dating in 2015 and married in September of 2019. During their time together, they collaborated together on various projects in the entertainment world that included movies and music.

“We all think that cancer and losing your spouse are things that happen to other people,” Schneider stated. “No, these are things that can happen to you — in my case, way too soon, [at] 53. She and I are going to do remarkable, great things because of this, not in spite of it, but because of this. And I’m anxious to see what those things are, but I’ll do it.”

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‘Every Day I Write A Letter To Heaven’

In his latest interview, Schneider revealed that he still stays in contact with Allain even after her death.

“Every day I write a letter to heaven,” he said. “What I’ve discovered is that there are — there’s a huge demographic of people who’ve lost a spouse out there, and people are afraid to talk about it. So we really have no support system.”

“Now, did I ever dream in my wildest imagination that I would be a well-educated support system for people who lost the loves of their lives? No, but that’s where I am,” he added with tears in his eyes. “So that’s what I’ll do.”

Schneider is hoping that opening up about his grief will encourage others to cherish the relationships that they have.

“I think people need to know it’s OK to love someone that much,” he said. “In fact, it is how you should feel about your spouse.

“I have a lot of people say, ‘I wish my spouse felt that way about me,'” he continued. “Well, maybe they do and you’re just too busy in life to realize it. So if I can help one couple out there realize that they are perfect, then this will not have been in vain.”

Check out Schneider’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Schneider Will Be Reunited With Allain In Heaven

Schneider made these comments while attending an event called “Drinks With Dee Dee Sorvino,” where he supported the eponymous entertainer, who lost her husband Paul Sorvino last year. Schneider took the stage at one point to say that he believes he’ll be reunited with Allain in Heaven someday.

“I did not lose her. I know where she is and one of these days — if I do not screw it up — I will meet her there. It is up to me now,” he said. “She went home in February this year. It’s hard. There is nothing to prepare you for it.”

Addressing Sorvino, Schneider said, “She and Paul were, and I believe still are, a delightful couple, and we have something in common. She lost Paul. I lost my bride. We’re kind of holding each other up, which is a good thing.”

Check out these comments in the video below.

Schneider became a household name after playing Bo Duke on the iconic television show “Dukes Of Hazzard” from 1979 until it ended in 1985. This has clearly been an extremely difficult year for him, so please join us in saying a prayer for him as he continues to try to come to terms with his wife’s untimely death.

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