Donald Trump Jr. Questions Why YouTube Shooter’s Content Was Pulled

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We’re finally getting more answers about the woman who entered the headquarters of the internet giant YouTube yesterday and shot numerous employees. The shooter was Nasim Aghdam of Southern California, an Iranian activist who enjoyed posting videos about her veganism and animal rights.

Aghdam made it no secret that she was angry over YouTube demonetizing her videos, making it more difficult to earn a living. You can see a short clip describing her motive below:

It’s unclear why YouTube throttled Aghdam’s content, although we know there has been a general decline in the ability of YouTube “vloggers” to make money off of their videos.

Donald Trump Jr., son of President Trump, took to Twitter to ask an important question regarding Aghdam, YouTube, and censorship. Here it is:

That’s a great question I think we all know the answer to. If the NRA were posting any kind of content deemed hateful, it would be yanked so fast, David Hogg would revert to kindergarten.

It’s abundantly clear that there is a liberal bias within Silicon Valley that disproportionately targets conservative content. Just ask any right-wing Twitter provocateur why they are banned and, say, Louis Farrakhan remains.

This kind of bias should be kept in mind as more and more YouTube vloggers and social media writers are deprived of the opportunity to earn money through platforms like YouTube. Sooner or later, Silicon Valley will have to address this discrepancy and clearly arbitrary standard if they want to keep an engaging audience.

Do you agree with Trump Jr. about social media censoring conservative content? Tell us your thoughts below!

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