Donald Trump BLASTS This MAJOR Bush Policy

Whether the media likes it or not, successful businessman and GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, leads the field of Republicans seeking the presidency in the November 2016 election in public opinion polls.

Trump has made a few headlines these past few days on foreign policy, but this one will surely keep the media up at night.

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During “The Donald’s” appearance on Sunday’s Meet The Press with Chuck Todd, he said the Middle East would be more stable if Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were still in power in Libya and Iraq, saying it’s “not even a contest.”


I agree with Trump on this one. President George W. Bush invading Iraq brought on the great destabilizing of the Middle East and led to Iran becoming the dominant force in the region. Iran’s mortal enemy was Saddam Hussein and Iraq, which previous Presidents understood clearly.

Hussein gassed the Kurds in Iraq while Ronald Reagan was President yet that administration did nothing about it. It wasn’t until Bush and Dick Cheney came to power that the phrase “gassing his people” came into use as a tactic to gin up support for invading Iraq.

The Middle East sadly does better under secular dictators who keep everyone in check.

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Saddam knew how to control the various factions in Irag and the region. Even though it certainly wasn’t pretty the way he did it, his enemies were scared to death of him. And a big plus was he wasn’t religious and didn’t care which type Muslim sect he was dealing with.

If they stepped out of line, Saddam would pick off the instigators in the most ruthless ways. Strange how we wasted billions and thousands of lives to accomplish what he already had under control.

And stranger still, at one time we supported him and he was fond of the U.S.–especially John Wayne and Elvis Presley movies.

One more thing, I also think Syria’s dictator should be left alone to fight ISIS and Libya would not be the total mess it is today if Gaddafi was still in power.

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h/t – CNSnews, Business Insider

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