DNC Backs Out of Time-Honored Softball Game Against RNC

Last year, prior to the annual Congressional baseball game between Republicans and Democrats, a far-left activist went on a shooting spree against a handful of Republicans, nearly killing Rep. Steve Scalise. The killer was “fueled by rage against Republican legislators” in what the Virginia Attorney General called an “act of terrorism,” and that year, there was a theme of unity at the annual game. One of their fellow Congressmen was shot, and people were willing to set political affiliation aside.

It turns out that didn’t last for long, and the Left’s dehumanization of the Right has continued uninterrupted. While the Congressional baseball game went on as planned this year (because it had to), when Democrats aren’t required to participate, they aren’t willing to set politics aside.

According to the Washington Examiner, “The Democratic National Committee is refusing to play the Republican National Committee in their annual softball game this year.” This game would’ve been between staffers and employees at both Committees.

“The RNC-DNC softball game was an annual tradition and a time to put aside politics. It’s a shame @TheDemocrats are refusing to participate this year,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel posted to Twitter.

“Sources at the RNC told the Daily Caller that they were “stunned” when Democrats pulled out of the typically good-natured game between leadership staffers that had gone on for the last decade. The source said that the DNC informed them that ‘all our players are out in the field this year,’ which is why they wouldn’t be able to play.”

The RNC seemed ticked at the disinvite, titling an email newsletter reporting on the events, “RNC Morning Update: Out in Left Field: DNC Refuses to Play RNC In Time-Honored Softball Game.” While the softball game has concluded in the past with members of both Committees going out for drinks afterward, setting politics aside is no longer possible for the Left, to the point where they won’t even share a baseball field with a Republican.

Just an aside; while the Democrats have a winning record over Republicans in the Congressional baseball games, they have a losing record in the RNC vs. DNC games. Maybe they’re a bit scared of losing more than just the midterms.


Matt is the co-founder of Unbiased America and a freelance writer specializing in economics and politics. He’s been published in The American Thinker, Rare, The Foundation for Economic Education, The Ludwig von Mises Institute, and National Review. He is the author of the new book A Paradoxical Alliance: Islam and the Left. Follow him on Twitter at @MattPalumbo12.

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  • The democRATS are such pathetic losers. Whiny, crybabies. They simply cannot accept the fact that Trump beat the pants suit off of their for certain to win queen lying, cheating, crooked Hillary. I guess when everyone gets a trophy, you just can't handle it when you lose.

  • So typically democrat- they will not do anything but continue their "resist movement" against Trump. Not even for charity...they are defeating themselves...! Good- keep up the good work- make it that much easier for republicans at mid-terms!

  • Dems are quitting on a high note! Since one of them almost killed a Conservative with (ironically) an assault rifle at the last game...they're gonna call it victory, take their ball and go home.

  • And this was for charity... They forfeited and lost AGAIN. Republicans should have the game anyhow and play a team with some "class".

  • It does not surprise me for one moment, They are un American as Americans go, To not play in the American game is Un American which is the DNC. So lets play the DNC game, and race your taxes, that is American. I really can not believe this Kaka.

  • The true color of Democrats. They're so childish in their behavior, is it because most of the them are in their second childhood now? They are like children throwing a tantrum. So much for these people. they're now retarded bunch.

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