Dick Morris: Liz Cheney ‘Has A Snowball’s Chance In Hell’ At Getting Re-Elected

Former Clinton campaign adviser and popular political prognosticator Dick Morris recently said that Congresswoman Liz Cheney will lose her re-election campaign in 2022 in the GOP primary due to her decision to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Morris also said allowing Cheney to remain in Republican leadership shows how out of touch party’s leaders are with their base.

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Morris: ‘Liz Cheney Is A Gone Goose’

“She has snowball’s chance in hell of getting reelected,” Morris recently told Newsmax

“Her favorability is down to 13% and she loses the projected primary by 3-1 or 4-1,” Morris said. “Wyoming went 70% for Trump.”

“And Liz Cheney is a gone goose,” he added.

Morris explained how Republicans leaders don’t understand where the rank and file base is right now.

Morris said, “And it’s ridiculous, and shows how out of touch Kevin McCarthy and the Republican leadership is with the voters of the Republican Party, that he and Scalise worked overtime to round up votes for this…traitor, who voted to impeach Donald Trump.”

“The voters of her state, Wyoming, her state,” Morris insisted “will not be so forgiving.”

Cheney was censured last week by the Wyoming Republican Party for being among the ten Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Previous to that state-wide Party vote, many of Wyoming’s County Republican parties also voted to censure her.

Morris: ‘She’s Part Of Republican Royalty Because Of Her Father’

“While she did win the vote in the House because it was basically set up by the leadership and she’s kind of inherited royalty among Republicans,” Morris noted.

Morris did stated a glaring fact about Cheney’s current popularity back home.

“But, in fact, there’s some polling in Wyoming [that suggests that] she has a 13% job approval among Republicans,” Morris said.

Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is currently the third highest-ranking position in the House GOP.

“She shouldn’t be [Wyoming’s] congressman in any case,” Morris said. “But she’s part of Republican royalty because of her father and they don’t want to move against her.”

“But the voters have their own minds,” Morris reminded.

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Morris then explained how Republican leaders are probably mis-analyzing their own voters.

“The word ‘base’ is something the Left likes to use to describe Trump supporters,” Morris said.

“It’s not his base, it’s 80% or 90% of the Republican Party. The word is the Republican Party. And they try to pretend it’s fragmented, but it’s not.”

“And if it [is] fragmented, it’s not the Left against the Right, it’s the top against the rest of it,” Morris explained.

“That’s what you’re seeing here” Morris finished.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • Dick Morris wants us to believe that the vote is secure and truly reflects the will of the electorate. We know, or do we assume this to be true? To my eye, the vote will fall whichever way the money elites and the oligarchs want it to fall. “Change my mind!”

  • My mindset is this: any Republican who is anti-Trump needs to go. That includes all 10 Republican congressmen whbo voted to impeach President Trump. Not to mention the five GOP senators who did not vote against the impeachment sham.

  • With Liz Cheney it was only a matter of time for her to go "full on" liberal. She made her "splash". She got her name in the headlines. Now she can go strut around and hobnob with the left, the libs. She's officially one of them now.

  • Yep... it's past time to drain that swamp. And it's past time for the Republicans to truly reclaim their conservative roots.

  • You nailed it. There was a day when the republicans were the conservative party. Not so anymore. There isn't one... at least not one that's going to really make any difference being as the republicans and the democrats have their hooks into the whole political concept, effectively bullying over those upstart political parties trying to get some sort of momentum going. Nah, we're stuck with a two party system until we decide we're not. Though the republicans are admittedly they're the MOST conservative politico party of the two major politico parties, for now.

    Which isn't saying much.


  • I hope you're right but I don't see the rest of the Republicans following the stout conservative Republican's base lead. Those who aren't the party's base are spineless. IMHO

  • Yeah Frank, she did. But liberalism just doesn't happen overnight. I don't even have a dog in that fight but knew she tends to lean left. She has nothing to do with my state, my failed, over the top legislators so I really didn't follow her until recently. I learned she was a lib when I did some research on her awhile back, trying to figure out the "who's who" after elections. It didn't take much digging to realize she's got her dad's politico genes. If lil' ol' me who isn't one of her constituents could figure that out then her electors should have been able to figure it out as well.

    But, you're right. She voted to impeach President Trump AFTER she was elected. That's the only way she could've voted to impeach Trump. And, I'd be furious with her if I didn't do my homework and voted for her because she's a Republican, which for some reason most folks assume being a Republican suggests they're conservatives. I'm an independent, conservative voter. Always have been, always will be. I do my research on my state's politicos and those I'm eligible to vote for at the federal level. If they turn on me, shame on them. So yeah, I can see their angst but some suggested that she's "like her father" and, quite frankly she is like her father was towards the end of his lonnnnggg politico career. Dad got soft over time.


  • Get a REAL republican in there who is not a globalist and someone who LOVES the country. Time to drain the republican swamp as well.

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