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Newsmax viewers were left baffled when an interview with Dick Morris, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, was briefly interrupted when a man wearing only a tight tank top and black boxers sauntered past him.
Screenshot: Ron Filipkowski X Video
January 17, 2024
Newsmax viewers were left baffled when an interview with Dick Morris when a man wearing only his underwear sauntered past…
February 28, 2023
The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is set to kick off tomorrow in Washington DC with prominent name guest speakers…
July 16, 2021
Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris admitted that the prosecutions against Donald Trump are meant to "keep him quiet."
Michelle Obama Trump
June 9, 2021
Donald Trump was afraid that Democrats would replace Joe Biden with Michelle Obama, a new book is alleging.
donald trump chris wallace
June 8, 2021
Former President Donald Trump blasted news anchor Chris Wallace, saying the Fox News personality was “‘almost’ Radical Left.”
Liz Cheney Trump
February 8, 2021
Dick Morris recently said Liz Cheney will lose her re-election due to her decision to impeach former President Donald Trump.
Trump John Roberts
September 8, 2020
Dick Morris is warning voters that mail-in voting could prolong the 2020 election and leave the ultimate decision up to…
Hillary Clinton Bloomberg
February 24, 2020
Dick Morris predicts Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton are scheming to make her the nominee at a brokered Democrat convention.
October 31, 2019
Bill Clinton hinted that his wife Hillary could run for office again in the future, further fueling speculation that she…
October 28, 2019
Dick Morris, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, says Hillary Clinton believes "God put her on…
August 24, 2017
Dick Morris, former adviser to President Clinton, has some advice for President Trump: Get it together or get ready to…