DHS Chief Reveals That Over 700 Miles Of Border Wall Has Either Been Built Or Soon Will Be

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Acting Secretary Chad Wolf just revealed in a new interview that despite efforts from the Left to stop President Donald Trump from building his border wall, over 700 miles of it has either been built or is currently being constructed.

Wolf told Breitbart News that Trump followed the promise he made during his campaign to divide his new border wall into three sections: wall that is already built, wall that is under construction, and wall that is on the way. The latest wall that is being constructed will eventually cover seven hundred miles of the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

“We are building the border wall system on the southwest border,” Wolf explained. “So, we have 126 new miles in the ground today, we have over 200 under construction, and another 400 in the pre-construction phase. So, this is new infrastructure, new capability on the southwest border that our border patrol agents have never had before, and it’s under this administration that we are building new wall systems along the southwest border.”

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Though the border wall was one of Trump’s main campaign promises, Wolf went on to say that it is far from the only thing the current president’s administration is doing to combat illegal immigration.

“As you indicated, there are a number of programs and policies we have in place on the southwest border that what we talk about is catching, detaining, returning, repatriating, or removing more individuals today than we ever have before. Individuals that come in today, about 95 percent of them have an immigration pathway,” he said. “If they have no legal right to be here, again, we send them back home.”

Wolf also talked about what Trump is doing to take on sanctuary cities, even cutting their funding in retaliation for them not following immigration laws. He continued:

“Sanctuary policies across the country are very dangerous. They’re dangerous not only for the communities that police officers serve. It’s also very dangerous for our law enforcement professionals at the DHS. So, instead of having one or two officers go into a jail setting and pick up an individual and remove that individual…sanctuary cities don’t allow us to do that. We have to go into the community at large with ten, twenty officers going into these communities to try to find that individual. When we find that individual, we also find others. So we are picking up numerous individuals because, again, we’re the law. We are going to enforce the law as it is. Sanctuary policies are very, very dangerous.”

In addition, Wolf talked about how Trump’s laws are combating terrorism, saying that “Americans are safer because of the president.

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“We continue to put a number of programs, procedures, and policies in place to address the overseas or foreign terrorist threat,” Wolf said. “But, what we’ve seen under President Trump and the defeat of the caliphate and everything else it’s making that more and more difficult. So we see through intel and a variety of different sources we still see those individuals operating, but their capabilities are severely diminished. So we see less of a threat to the homeland. I’m not saying it has gone away, it has not.”

Trump has followed through with virtually all of the campaign promises that he made in regards to taking on illegal immigration, and as a result, the American people are prospering more than ever before. If this is how much he could get done during his first term, we can only imagine how much better off we will be after he is in office for another four years!

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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