There is no single problem in America that is not either caused by or made worse by the Democratic Party.

The irony is that we pay (taxes) to maintain the Democratic Party. The Party’s liberalism cannot fund itself.

Liberalism generates no wealth, much less any surplus. It uses taxpayer-financed programs to buy votes.

All that the Democratic Party brings to America’s ‘table’ is redistribution and ‘need.’ All it needs is a wealthy host and a news media to lie for it.

Its action in the streets and the Congress clarifies that they see the Constitution as an impediment.

The ‘Rule of Law’ is a ‘Lawfare‘ tool to the left.

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Every talking point, from race to economics, education, and applying the law that makes up the mantras of the Left can be factually refuted.

Without the pro-Democrat News Media’s selective outrage, lies, and convenient omissions, there would be no Democratic Party. Reality would crush them.

The irony continues with the Democrat’s anti-Business and anti-growth orientation.

They see Capitalism as the problem which liberalism defends us from. The truth is that without Capitalism, the Democratic Party’s vote-buying liberalism would starve to death.

It’s clear to me: The only existential danger to America and the Constitution is the Democratic Party and those who vote to enable it.

Democrats Want To Be In Control

The only thing the Dems care about is getting back in control of the federal government again.

And they don’t seem to care how many buildings get burned down or how many bodies they have to step over to get that power back.

Once they get back in power, I predict they’ll radically change the entire system to make sure they never lose another election ever again.

After that, they can drive the entire country straight into the ground, and nobody will be able to stop them.

Think: eliminate the Electoral College, popular vote elections, ballot harvesting, national mail-in voting, stack the Supreme Court with radical activist Judges, pay reparations, confiscate firearms, and open up the borders.

The Jig Is Up

From where I’m standing, it’s plain that the Democrats are blinded by their hatred of everything good, wholesome, lovely, etc., and so blinded that they project their evil intent on others (for example: Republicans want to push granny off the cliff).

Because of this, they cannot anticipate consequences like we usually do. I know that, if I throw a brick at a cop, I’m going to jail.

They think they are immune from reality.

Burning down buildings and then the buildings and businesses magically reappear? True, in their world.

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Since they loathe any military/police, they cannot conceive of the possibility that these entities may be used to round them up and put them before a judge.

My most fervent wish is that trials for sedition would begin and move swiftly. After all, our wishes should be honored.

Pelosi Knows That It’s Over

Watching Rep. Nancy Pelosi during her weekly press briefing only shows me that it’s obvious that she is seeing the death of the Democrat Party.

Nancy’s last resort was another impeachment, but I think she only backed off on that because Democrats would remove her for it. Such a move would endanger every Democrat’s reelection on November 3rd.

I’m convinced something big has happened in the House behind the scenes, and Pelosi is visibly shaken by it.

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Americans Are Waking Up

People are not taking the veiled threats to burn cities down if they don’t win the White House very well.

The threats are backfiring, and the Democrats must be seeing this in the polls.

President Trump will not lay down and let Democrats steal the election by mail-in ballot box stuffing.

He is not going to hand America over to Communists, especially if it’s due to the results of a stolen election.

If Martial Law is declared, a proper, in-person, ID-required election can be held within 30 days, and we can have the results of a fair, legal, and documented election before Christmas!