McMaster Dismisses Wolf Blitzer’s Claim That Military Would Remove Trump If He Doesn’t Concede

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Former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster swiftly dismissed CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer’s suggestion that the military might get involved if President Donald Trump fails to concede the election.

“If the president were to lose the election on November 3rd and if he were to refuse to concede,” Blitzer began. “What role would the U.S. military have to play in that type of scenario?”

The Lt. Gen. replied, “Absolutely no role, Wolf.”

McMaster even seemed to chuckle at the prospect.

“Those who suggest that the military would have any role in transition, they are being equally irresponsible,” he added.

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McMaster Slammed Trump For Refusing to Commit to a Peaceful Transition of Power

McMaster’s nod to being “equally irresponsible” is a reference to President Trump, who has been accused of not committing to a peaceful transition of power.

“This is very disappointing, and really, this is something that our founders feared,” McMaster told Blitzer, adding that the President’s comments were “unfortunate.”

“We have to demand that our leaders restore confidence in our democratic principles and institutions and processes and, of course, it’s the administration who has responsibility to secure the election process,” he added.

The Trump campaign later clarified his comments were referring to the concern of voter fraud and that he would commit to a peaceful transition after a “free and fair election.”

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Who Isn’t Going to Accept Election Results?

While the media is in a tizzy over Trump’s comments, several prominent Democrats have also indicated Biden would not accept defeat on Election Day.

A Democratic data and analytics firm has been claiming that it might appear Trump wins re-election on November 3rd, but could “ultimately lose when all the votes are counted.”

Hillary Clinton has, not coincidentally, warned Biden not to concede the election “under any circumstances.”

While the media focuses on McMaster’s negative comments, he has offered some positives he sees coming from the Trump administration.

He has insisted that the President’s aggressive policy toward China “was long overdue.”

“He got it right,” McMaster said. “I mean, I think it was the most significant shift in U.S. foreign policy at least since the end of the Cold War.”

McMaster even claimed Trump has been tough on Russia.

In an interview with “60 Minutes” earlier this week, McMaster stated there is a group of people within the White House who believe they are saving the world “from the President.”

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