One of the few times Barack Obama acted constitutionally was in 2016, when he nominated a candidate to fill a Supreme Court vacancy.

The Senate declined to consider Obama’s nomination, as was their constitutional prerogative.

I thought it was a mistake at the time, because I was sure Hillary would win and maybe nominate someone less desirable to conservatives.

Mitch McConnell was astute enough to see that some chance was better than no chance.

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Hey Dems, you know, when you keep rolling the dice, and it comes up “snake eyes” on you like it has for the Democrats gambling on Merrick Garland, gambling on Hillary Clinton, gambling on Ruth Bader Ginsburg staying alive, it just might be time to step away from the table before you go busted.

Getting a majority on SCOTUS is the goal, not the election of Trump.

If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand conservatives, which makes you unfit to criticize them.

Does Anyone Remember Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas?

Just for the sake of the historical record, in 1968, Earl Warren resigned as chief Justice, apparently because he was horrified at the possibility that Richard Nixon, whom he hated, would appoint his successor.

Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson nominated Associate Justice Abe Fortas to be Chief Justice.

The Republicans would disagree, and in the days before Harry Reid, they could filibuster the nomination.

Ironically, in 1969, Fortas had to resign from the Supreme Court when it was revealed that he had ruled on cases involving people who had paid him.

None of this is to suggest an answer to what should be done now.

But it is an example of how one nomination was handled in an election year.

Trump Will Fulfill His Duty, Period

All of this hand wringing and fear-mongering by the left does not matter. A nominee will be named Saturday, and probably voted on and in by mid-October.

It will be either Amy Coney Barrett or Barbara Lagoa. It is that simple.

When the left uses these facts as yet another reason to riot, more centrists will lean right and vote for Trump, virtually assuring that Stephen Breyer is the next liberal Justice to be replaced by another brilliant conservative.

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It Is All About The Constitution

It is likely McConnell has counted his chickens and has the votes to proceed; one thing this may be used for is to delineate the DNC from GOP.

Case in point, the usual claims were made shortly after RBG died: ‘If Trump tries to use his powers to fill the vacancy, the world will come to an end, and how dare he usurp such powers, anyway?’

Hyperbole, to be sure, it’s what follows that is most disturbing, because the Democrats are forever accusing conservatives of being fascists and brutes.

But it is they that have threatened to eliminate the filibuster, electoral college, and pack the Supreme Court, all to make, in effect, a one-party state.

Something tells me this will be part and parcel of the opening salvo on the “law and order” front, and the senators will want to get in on the scalps soon to be taken since it’s almost October can expect Surprise(s).

Last night we had numerous cities burn because the DNC Mob was not pleased with another judicial decision

It appears all the mob wants is blood and vengeance.

One way or another, this is fraught with opportunity for weal or woe, and is one more aggravation in a year of aggravations, in a Century of uncertainty.

The Amusing Thing Is No One Cares

No one will ever praise someone who isn’t a hypocrite. Or accuse someone on their side of being a “hypocrite.”

And they already think that the people on the other side are “hypocrites.” That’s part of why they’re on the other side.

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Accusations of hypocrisy are just an elaborate form of name-calling. You do it when you can’t “win” by any method.

Undecideds don’t care: that’s why they’re undecided. They’ve already figured out both sides are hypocrites.

That’s a big part of why they’re… undecided. And both sides being hypocrites cancel each other out, and you’re back to square one.

If McConnell weren’t a “hypocrite,” would anyone who is objecting to his actions suddenly slap their foreheads and say, “Oh, my gosh, he’s not a hypocrite: I’m going to support him and whomever he votes for?”

Choose wisely.