Democrats Latest Stunt: Make Trump Resign Ahead of Senate Trial

Democrats are trying every idea possible to avoid President Donald Trump being acquitted in a Senate trial. Their latest? Push Trump to resign before his Senate impeachment trial so he will avoid being removed from his office.

We’re not making this up.

Democratic activist Scott Dworkin has actually pitched this idea despite the fact that there is no possible way Trump would ever voluntarily step down from office.

Dworkin tried to appeal to Trump’s love of his celebrity on social media.

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‘Do it’

“You can still stop your impeachment from happening,” Democratic Coalition co-founder Scott Dworkin tweeted. “All you have to do is resign. And I bet if you tweeted out your resignation, it would be the most shared tweet of all time.”

“Wouldn’t that be worth it? Think of all the retweets and likes. Do it,” Dworkin finished.

Newsweek reported on the possibility of this happening, noting that he would not be the first president to avoid impeachment by simply resigning.

“As President Donald Trump faces impeachment in a historic vote likely to take place on Wednesday, Democrats are reminding the U.S. leader that there is still another way forward: resigning,” Newsweek posited. “While the circumstances are significantly different from those of 1974, if Trump did offer his resignation ahead of the looming impeachment vote, he would not be the first to do so.”

‘The smartest move’

They even interviewed to Dw0rkin, who said he believes that resigning would be “the smartest move” for Trump to make “for his family, his future and his name.”

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Democrats Are Stretching Their Logic Hard

This idea rests on the assumption that Trump will be impeached on something beyond a party line vote, and that the Senate will oust him, neither of which is very likely.  Trump also hasn’t been charged with any criminal wrongdoing, not counting the offenses pursued in the articles of impeachment drafted by House Democrats.

No, in pursuing impeachment, Democrats put themselves in a bind. All the wacky tricks and stunts in the world won’t get them through this problem of their own making.

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