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This Quiz on Democrats’ Intelligence Is The Easiest Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Admit it – when you first clicked on the image accompanying this post, you were torn. It’s a toss-up, right?

Which Democrat is smarter – Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters?

It’s like asking which has better cholesterol levels – Michael Moore or a plate full of bacon? You can’t answer it, because they’re both atrocious. Just as Pelosi and Waters aren’t exactly banging down the doors at local Mensa meetings anytime soon.

But trust us … This quiz is actually pretty easy. We were sneaky about it and didn’t give you the whole picture. There are two more candidates to choose from.

Take a look and then tell us if you know the answer to this brief quiz …

Ah, see … It’s a hell of a lot easier to answer this question now, isn’t it?

Let’s review:

  • Or a box of rocks, which hasn’t done any of the stupid things listed above, responded in the exact same manner as these Democrats did at the State of the Union address, and would do far less damage to our country.

Box of rocks it is!

Tell us your answer to the quiz in the comments section below!

HT: The Federalist Papers