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Chuck Schumer’s Last Name Means “Good for Nothing” According to Ancestry.com

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is a pretty ineffectual guy.

After engineering the latest government shutdown over President Trump ending the Obama-era DACA program that protected illegal immigrants brought to the country as minors from deportation, Senate Democrats eventually relented, working with Republicans to reopen the government.

Liberals, including late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, harshly reprimanded Schumer for letting his caucus give in to Republicans so easily.

Democrats are not happy with Schumer’s pathetic performance. Many are wondering what Schumer is even good for, especially if he can’t stand up to President Trump.

Well, if those same liberals look into the origin of Schumer’s name, they might have an answer.

Some sedulous sleuths actually looked into the origin and meaning of Schumer’s last name to get a picture of the man leading the #resistance within the Senate. What they found was shocking to say the least. Here is what Ancestry.com shows as the meaning of Schumer’s lat name:

Do you see that? Apparently Schumer, which has an origin in Northern Germany, actually means “good for nothing” and “vagabond.”

How funny is that? And how true?

Senate Democrats have utterly failed to stop President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda. Republicans are passing big legislation, such as the Trump tax cut bill, and are confirming an unprecedented number of judges to the federal bench. Meanwhile, all Schumer can do is twiddle his thumbs and pray that the Democrats win the Senate in the fall.

The way Trump keeps winning, however, is going to make it that much harder for Schumer to ever have a majority in his chamber again.

I guess what they say is true: Once a loser, always a loser. And that applies doubly for Cryin’ Chuck Schumer!

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