Democrats’ Hypocritical Progressive Policies Are A Plague On Our Country – And They Know It!

Democrats are like that crazy ex-brother-in-law or old college acquaintance that only shows up every 4-8 years to “catch-up,” to hit you up for money or to “let you in on the ground floor” of their newest venture.

Democrats’ progressive policies are a plague upon this country, and they know it. They treat everyone like dirt, even to their face, but they have a warm smile and promise you things in return, which they never make good on.


Dems want to give the world a hand-out (using YOUR money), tell you how to live, what to eat, what to read, where to sleep (and with whom). However, Republicans, on the other hand, want to let you live your life, spend your own money, and make your way, offering a hand-up when you fall, not a hand-out to keep you down and subservient.

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My favorite Democrat hypocrisy is when they take private jets to climate conferences. They don’t seem even to realize how blatantly hypocritical that looks and how many people laugh at their cognitive dissonance.

As long as I have been alive and knew what politics was all about, I’ve noticed Democrats have tried to destroy every Republican president since Ronald Reagan. The last Republican president to enjoy any respect from the Democrats was Dwight Eisenhower, and that was only because he helped win WWII and was a true hero.


I know the story is old, but let’s revisit the latest crimes against the American people by these Democrat know-it-alls. Two-time losing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton committed dozens of felonies as each line of text that was top secret or classified and sent over a private server was considered a violation.

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Former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied to congress regarding NSA spying on American civilians and Gitmo. Then acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe lied to the FBI and FBI Director James Comey, Sally Yates, and McCabe all signed off on bogus FISA warrants that set in motion to commit illegal surveillance of a presidential candidate and Commander-in-chief. Oh yeah, all felonies, yet all are free.

Let’s not forget the Biden Crime Family, either.


The swamp’s main game is that Republicans should be held to a higher standard and jailed whenever possible. At the same time, Democrats go free and continue to destroy America as if they were on autopilot. If this doesn’t change, the American public at large has the moral obligation to take the law into their own hands. All these people need to be in jail. Justice delayed is justice denied.

When I was young, in school, during the height of the Cold War, and real education took place, there was a discussion in World History class where we were viewing the map of the world in the context of the sphere of totalitarian control of the Soviet Union, compared to consensual control of America were displayed.

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One of my classmates asked a straightforward question. Why do the Russians want to conquer more land when they have so much? The teacher, who could not be credentialed today, gave an answer that has always explained so much. It is not the land they must conquer. It is the ideas that must be taken.

This is still a valid explanation to identify today’s relentless distortions and suppression of the truth by the Fascist Progressive party and their propagandists. They must destroy any thought outside their sick, twisted orthodoxy, so there is no alternative for comparison. This is why they are attempting total control over education and information.



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