Democratic Operative Says Jon Ossoff Lost Because Voters Live With Their Parents

The question on every Democrat’s mind today is: Why did Jon Ossoff lose the special election to Karen Handel in Georgia’s 6th District?

Ossoff, a fresh-faced political novice, was supposed to lead the “resistance” against President Trump by winning in a Republican stronghold. How he would put the brakes on the Trump Agenda as another House backbencher was a question that went unaswered by Democrats. They were too busy salivating over capturing the seat formerly held by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

So why the huge flub by the Ossoff campaign? Was it because Democrats have literally gone insane over Trump, and have taken to rioting in the streets over his presidency? Is it because people are sick of liberals demanding grown men posing as women be allowed to urinate next to children in public bathrooms? Is it because the incessant whining by liberals has become too grating for anyone normal to stand?

Or is it because the Democrats have become so enamored with identity politics to actually connect with everyday voters?

Nah. It’s neither of those according to one Democrat organizer involved in the race. According to precinct captain Jessica Zeigler, Ossoff got creamed because all of his potential voters lived at home with their parents.

Yup, that’s right. Nancy Pelosi’s pet pol couldn’t get out the vote because his young supporters were busy crammed up in their bedrooms, puffing on dope and oblivious to the world.

A precinct captain for Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaign complained recently that many of his constituents are hard to reach because they still live at home with their parents.

“Those were the angriest people,” Jessica Zeigler told Slate, referring to the Republican parents of the young Democrats. “When you are targeting their child, or heaven forbid their child might not think the same way as them, it becomes ugly.”

H/T Daily Caller

Wow. Imagine saying your candidate lost because his voters still live at home with mommy and daddy. And that’s the kind of person we want to send to Washington? A champion of the young and unemployable?

As always, Tucker Carlson of Fox News nailed why Ossoff lost. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with lazy college graduates who majored in feminist sociology and can’t find a job. Here’s Tucker:

Instead, Democrats put up a 30-year-old semi-employed documentary filmmaker who can’t even vote for himself because he doesn’t live in the district.

He’s got a ton of trendy, rich-people positions on just about every topic. The abortion people love him. He is gravely concerned about climate and childhood obesity and the availability of organic kale. He thinks illegal aliens are noble. He went to the London School of Economics. He’s super fit and way smarter than you are.

Nailed it! Ossoff was a loser going into the race, and he’s a loser coming out.

The Democrats haven’t figured out a way to beat Donald Trump yet, and I hope they never do!

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Jim E

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  • How exactly does a now-and-again documentary film maker support a finance in medical school? Not on a staffer's salary for the deeply unstable Hank Johnson. I guess it was just moral support and lots of student loans. Think she reported his meager pay as part of household income on those applications? Just askin'.

  • he lost because he was running as a member of the liberal progressive terrorist party, and frankly people on both sides of the political isle are sick and tired of terrorist attacks on their fellow citizens!

  • Ossoff got about 100% of the votes that Stookbury got in November.
    Handel only got 2/3 of the votes that Price got in November.

  • Pajama boy lost because he's a liberal democrat and the democrat brand is not selling very well .I cant think of a single person that is proud to be a democrat .

  • He was a terrible candidate..he llokedblike he was 12 and had done nothing of note. It's amazing he got as many votes as he did! The Democrats better come up with much better candidate that people an actually vote for or go down in infamy in 2018.

  • Their problem is, the progressive/Marxist/Socialist/left-wing/crybaby/snowflakes believe their own propaganda. They produce a bunch of rigged polls showing they are going to win by a landslide, then can’t believe the actual voter count. They think that if they throw a big enough temper-tantrum mommy and daddy are going to give in and let them have their way anyway. Ya-think…?!?!?

  • They have been asking that question a lot lately--- but they seem to always stay away from the real answer. So they will continue to lose and they can keep blaming the rest of the world.

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