Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin Says Republican Party Is Now A Trump ‘Religious Cult’

Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin said on MSNBC Sunday that the Republican Party has become a “religious cult” of President Donald Trump.

“Well, it took us more than three months on this committee, The Coronavirus Response Committee, to get the Republicans to stop fighting us about having to wear masks to committee meetings,” the Maryland Democrat said.

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Raskin in 2019: ‘The whole Republican Party now is almost like a religious cult’

Raskin continued, “In other words, the House committee that is supposed to be managing the crisis and coming one legislation to deal with it has had to spend its time fighting Jim Jordan and other members of the committee who have refused to wear masks as some sort of ideological protest. Against what?”

“This isn’t taking place in other countries around the world,” he continued.

This isn’t the first time Raskin has called the GOP a “cult.” In March 2019 he said, “The whole Republican Party now is almost like a religious cult that is surrounding an organized crime family, that’s the mentality.”

Raskin on Republicans and Trump supporters: ‘there are no critical thinking skills applied’

“There’s an entire political party here that has turned itself into a religious cult,” Raskin said. “If Donald Trump says we don’t wear masks, they don’t wear masks. And then there are no critical thinking skills applied.”

“I guess word has not gotten back that even the president at least half hardly began to embrace masks,” he added. “So I’m outraged on behalf of the staff.”

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‘That gives you the mentality of the party that’s supposed to be in control of the plague’

“There were Republican staff members for Gohmert calling the press to saying, he makes us come to work, and he berates us,” Raskin observed on Sunday. “He hackles us if we wear masks. I mean, that’s astonishing this is taking place.”

“But that gives you the mentality of the party that’s supposed to be in control of the plague,” Raskin said. “And you see why it is out of control, and why no one else is anywhere near America, it goes right to the heart of the operation.”

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