Democrat Leaders Aren’t Stupid, But Their Actions Against Americans Are Evil

Biden Pelosi

Many people call Democrats and their leaders, including Barack Obama, stupid, but they are far from that. Let me clear that up for you. They are not stupid; they’re evil.

The left’s obsession with aborting babies, even up to birth and in some cases letting them die on a table, is enough for me to call them evil. Weaponizing the powerful government against its citizens is evil. Drag queen story hour is evil. I could go on and on.


I think Obama knew precisely what he was doing and came darn close to doing it had it not been for that meddling GOP candidate Donald Trump and his patriot followers. And it is far from over.

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If the people involved in this coup are not held accountable for their crimes, AND if we do not fix our elections to prevent voter fraud, then the four years of Trump might all have been for naught. The black messiah will pick right back up where he left off, trying to destroy this nation and remake it into a socialist nightmare.


With that said, I believe that anyone in elected office that knowingly violates the Constitution should be imprisoned for a minimum of five years.

However, if they actively tried to subvert the Constitution and formed a group of others to assist, it should be punishable by hanging. I think those rules would go a long way to resolve some of the issues we have now.

Not only that, they know there won’t be any consequences to their traitorous activities, and the so-called news media with cover it up and bury the story, and half the people in the USA will be completely unaware of any or all of it.

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There are three significant problems with the US Constitution. (1) it requires an informed electorate, (2) requires an honest and froth right people, and (3). However, the US Constitution is supposedly the supreme law of the land; there is no penalty for violating or ignoring the Constitution, where violation of every other law has some sort of penalty involved.

Those who drive the liberal agenda are calculating and very anti-American.

Most of those that follow, many of whom I know and maintain social distance, are DUMBER than a box of ricks. It is painful to hear them talk and try to explain the need for and how their programs would work—usually revolving around more free money extorted from the producers in the workforce.

The Progressive-Commies Are Getting Bolder Every Day

Yes, they are all in and want conservatives and political opponents out of power forever. There will have to be a war to save the republic, or it will be gone as we know it. The prog-commies are getting bolder each day. Their intentions are being clarified and presented openly. The good news is that the MSM news outlets, the major networks who believe it is their job to shape how we think, are dying. Digital media is busily replacing them, and there is some hope that enough people will be armed with real facts to begin to see the light.

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It hasn’t been politics as usual for a long time now. Pretending that it is will not change reality. We are facing a grave threat to the Constitutional Republic. We must throw every Democrat who is up for re-election up out of the office and replace them with people who will go after the coup leaders.

This is the only thing that might convince the rank and file Democrats to reform their party. Even then, we might still be looking an another Civil War.

Remember I called Democrat leaders evil? Let me add, evil always requires those with the limited mental capacity to carry out their plans, always.




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